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Catching Up

Hello friends! Its been a minute since I’ve done a personal post on here (January?? oh boy). The summer was nice! The cats are still adorable frenimies, though Misty has had this thing where her little eye closes up for like a day or so and then gets better. I’m guessing its feline herpes like Charles had…some kind of kitty cold or allergy. Its usually brought on by stress so whenever we have people over I always know she’ll have it the next day. Poor baby! I have some exciting things coming up…a restaurant week date with friends, a 5k at a wildlife rescue this weekend followed by a concert in the city, Hamilton (!!!) next week, a cat convention in late October, a vacation to an adorable cabin in Vermont in November, mine and Steve’s 3 year anniversary, and we just booked a little Cape May trip for early January. Whew!

I should, for all intents and purposes, be feeling pretty good, but I’ve been in a little bit of a rut since after Labor Day. I think its mostly just the shift from a very laid-back August to the full swing of September. My company kind of goes from super nice and slow before Labor Day to sooo busy in a span of a couple weeks and I haven’t adjusted to it as well this year for some reason. I’m a bit better this week, though.

On a similar note, I’ve been kind of giving some (fleeting) thought to maybe re-launching my design business. I knowww…the hypocrisy of it all haha. Its been almost two years now since I’ve officially closed up shop, and I honestly still don’t have regrets about doing that. I wasn’t enjoying it or in a good place with it, but I feel like now maybe I’ll be able to have a better perspective, and I’ll also have Steve’s help if I need it. The thing is that I’ve since forgotten so much of the basic coding I used to know. And WordPress has gone through so many changes since and I honestly don’t even know how anything works nowadays. I had to update some CSS on here* and I couldn’t even remember some basic stuff I used to know and the realization of that has bummed me out a bit. I’ve had this kind of general developing feeling lately of not knowing how to do anything or not having any real solid skills. I know that isn’t necessarily true, but sometimes I feel like everyone around me just knows shit and I have no idea how. I guess its just a matter of learning by doing, and well…I haven’t been doing a whole lot lately.

I am actually forcing myself to learn InDesign at work. We have a copy of it here, and I tried years ago but didn’t have the patience. This week I decided to re-install it and give it a go. I managed to re-create one of our brochures in it through some trial and error. Still don’t quite grasp everything but its a start. What I really need to learn, especially if I want to start doing design work again, is Illustrator. I’ve tried twice to learn it and it hasn’t stuck. I’ve just always been a Photoshop gal, but maybe I’ll try again.

Anyway, thank you for coming to my TED talk. September book reviews might be a little late this month. I picked 2 kind of lengthy books and I’m only just starting the 2nd one this week.

* Do you like the new logo/look by the way? Needed some color!