Fashion StitchFix

Stitch Fix – Fall 2019

Its been a full two years since I got a Stitch Fix! While I still think that they’re a bit overpriced, I figure I can try one out every once in awhile, especially because there are a couple items I’ve been looking for and I was interested to see if they’d be able to find them. The items were a pair of distressed skinny jeans (nothing with a ton of holes though), and a button up blue-striped blouse. They hit the mark on one but not quite the other. Here’s what I got…

Malri Pin Tuck Detail Blouse

Brand: 41Hawthorn

I didn’t hate this blouse but didn’t really like it either. The material was nice and silky but I wasn’t a huge fan of the neckline trim. Also, at $54, it was way overpriced. If it was a little more simple and a little lower priced I might have considered it though, especially since I like 41Hawthorn items usually!

Purchased? Nope!

Jani Distressed Frayed Hem Skinny Jean

Brand: Democracy

An attempt was made, but not quite what I was looking for. I appreciate that my stylist didn’t throw in full-on crazy ripped up jeans, buuuut these are barely distressed at all. Was looking for something a little more like this. They were extremely soft though! I would have considered maybe keeping them, but unfortunately the waistband was just a bit large/stretchy on me (a problem I have with most jeans).

Purchased? Nope!

Casielle Sleeve Detail Top

Brand: Brina & Em

Ugh noo I really hate this style of shirt with the billowy sleeves. I almost didn’t even try it on, but sometimes I’m surprised and end up liking something I didn’t think I would after trying it on. Nah. Hard pass on this one. Very nice soft fabric though and I do love polka dots, just wish the style were different.

Purchased? Nope!

Annice Two Pocket Textured Cardigan

Brand: Emory Park

I was actually excited for this one! But unfortunately the sleeves were a bit odd (not long enough to cover my arms), and the fit was just very baggy overall. I also simply have too many cardigan sweaters and this didn’t really provide any advantages over the ones I have. Right on the money for my style though!

Purchased? Nope!

Larson Button Down Blouse

Brand: Brina & Em

This one I was most excited about since it was the only one I figured I’d keep, but my heart sank when I tried it on because it just wasn’t as fitted as I would have wanted. I looked to see if I could exchange for a smaller size but they were all sold out. So I ended up keeping it (I always keep something so that styling fee isn’t for nothing), and I’m gonna try and see if it’ll shrink in the dryer. I love sleeves like this that roll up, so that should prevent it from looking to big on me too.

Purchased? Yes!

So there we have it…my first Stitch Fix in two years. It was…okay. Hopefully future ones are better. I’m thinking of doing another once a season thing. While I’m really trying not to buy too many clothes, I honestly only end up liking only maybe 1 thing in these boxes anyway. I’ve also been having very good luck with selling some things on Poshmark! If you’re interested, you can check out my Poshmark closet here.