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new design!

Hope you like it! 🙂

It looks like a hot mess in IE though. Hate IE!

ETA: I managed not to make it look like complete shizzle in IE. The only problems that still seem to exist are that on the content pages, the line under the header tags are going through the words O_O (apparently that was a problem in FF too…I use Chrome so I didn’t notice until I got into work. Fixed it!) and the sidebar header tags are centered instead of to the right (which actually doesn’t look half bad) haha

I also added some awesome footer content and more icons.

6 thoughts on “new design!”

  1. Aww, Internet Explorer sucks anyway. LOL, i was trying to fix my site a couple of days ago and I just totally give up, haha. That browser should die 😛

  2. I agree IE is annoying. No matter what, it always messes something up that works fine in Firefox. Hopefully the differences aren’t too noticeable. It’s usually little differences I find with my layouts.

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