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I blog when I’m bored

So I walk in the office today and all the doors are open and theres guys on the ceiling with wires and plastic sheets everywhere. O_O Apparently they won’t be done till at least an hour from now, so I’m at the TECH Center on a computer that took like 20 minutes to load (and 5 more to open the internet) *headdesk* The space bar also seems like its going to fall off and is squeaking pretty loudly. I would go on another computer but I don’t feel like wasting an additional 30 minutes haha. It pains me to think I could have slept in today for at least an hour longer. 🙁

I should be getting the new laptop by the end of the week 😀 Very excited about that. I will be sure to post pictures and videos on the new camera when I get it.

A big thank you to all the people who commented on my new design both here and on Twitter! Love you all!

Its weird being in the TECH Center having graduated. Its also weird not having classes in the Fall. As much as I hate school when I have to deal with classes and homework, it does provide a sense of security and familiarity. College is entirely too short. *sigh* I should probably stop bitching and just get a job lol.

I went to the beach this past weekend with some friends and it was a great time. I forgot what it was like to actually like…go somewhere. I don’t even think I’ve been out of the state in like a year. I should have pictures coming at some point (Cara, where are the pics?? haha) I think my dad is planning some sort of family trip (within driving distance) for Labor Day. It will be nice to go somewhere again (as long as theres not too much arguing)

I’m so bored. I’m trying to think of some web-related activities I can do throughout the day today but I really can’t. I don’t even really have anything else to say. Sad, I know.

Ugh stupid space bar.