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Clarisonic Mia vs. Olay Pro-X

[amazon_link id=”B002NVG9ZO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Clarisonic Mia(TM) Sonic Skin Cleansing System Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System[/amazon_link] VS. [amazon_link id=”B0043OYFKU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System[/amazon_link]

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Since I’ve used both of these cleansing systems for about the same amount of time now, I feel like I can accurately compare the two for those who may not know which to choose! The major difference is obviously the price point. The Olay Pro-X being around $30 and the Clarisonic Mia being $150. There’s quite a difference there, but there are some benefits to using the Mia that the Olay doesn’t have. The main one is that the Mia is timed for one minute, while the Olay is not timed. I found this to be pretty important, because after using the Mia I realized that I had been spending way too long cleansing my skin before. Also, the Mia uses a very fast vibrating motion (called oscillation), which pushes the cleanser into the pores, while the Olay spins (and not as fast)…I feel like the vibration is better for skin cleansing. It also comes with a charger, whereas with the Olay you have to have batteries on hand for when it runs out. The feel of it is much more sturdy than the Olay, which was a bit flimsy in how it was made and especially how the brush connected to the unit.

As for pros to the Olay, the main one is that it is $120 cheaper….definitely a big difference! The Olay is also slightly smaller/compact and the brush head is a little more gentle on skin than the Mia’s (there is a more gentle brush-head that can be purchased on their website, however, but it is not the one that comes with it). The brush heads are also much cheaper, which can save money in the long run. The other difference is that the Olay has two speed settings and the Mia has only one. I believe the other Clarisonic versions have more than one speed, but not the Mia. (update: the new Mia2 has 2 different speed settings)

All in all, the Clarisonic Mia definitely has more features included, but I think that it really boils down to how much these features are worth it to you, and also how much you are really willing to spend on a product like this. If you have the money and really want a Clarisonic (Mia or otherwise), then I would say go for it! If you are on the fence and/or cannot afford it, I would give the Olay Pro X a try. Especially if you have never used a cleansing brush before and you are not sure if its something you will like…its probably safer to try out the less expensive option first.

[amazon_link id=”B0053Y3EIS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sigma Beauty Cleansing & Polishing Tool[/amazon_link]Another option that you can check out is Sigma’s Cleansing and Polishing Tool. It is $39, so slightly more expensive than the Olay Pro-X. I haven’t tried this for myself, but it looks pretty comparable and is super cute (it comes with a carrying case, and different kinds of brush heads…so those are definitely pluses!). Click here for more info on that or to purchase it.

Hope that was some help! Let me know if you have any questions about either of these products in the comments. 🙂

The Olay Pro-X Cleansing System was paid for with my own money. The Clarisonic Mia was sent to me by Clarisonic for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions and thoughts presented in this review on both of these products are honest and based on my own experiences.

7 thoughts on “Clarisonic Mia vs. Olay Pro-X”

  1. Great review. We haven’t used either but would try the Olay one because of the price point. For the price it’s worth a try.
    Thanks for your comment about Vegas. I wrote everything you said down . You got me really excited!! 🙂

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Thanks for comparing these! I actually use to spend to little time cleaning my face before I got my mia lol! I also feel like the vibration is probably better for your skin then the rotating brush!

  3. Hi Melanie! Just to clarify, the main difference between the Clarisonic and the Olay ProX is the way that they clean. The Clarisonic oscillates, basically vibrating incredibly fast, and pushes the cleanser deep into pores. This causes the bad stuff to be flushed out! Other skin brushes simply spin, meaning that they are only cleaning the surface of the skin. Here is a video from our blog that illustrates the differences: Once again, thanks for reviewing! We really appreciate it 🙂

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