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coughs drops!

So I have the cough from hell. I thought it was going away, but a week later its still going strong. I’ve been taking Dayquil and Nyquil and all kinds of quils. I cough mostly at night, which conveniently means I can’t sleep. 😡 Hopefully it will settle down and isn’t a sign of anything worse. Junior year of highschool I had a case of “walking pneumonia” which was probably the most sick I’ve been in my life…still managed to make it to school everyday AND play in the school show. I must have gone through like 5 bags of cough drops haha.

Anyhoo…school. (Cause what else do I really have to talk about? *yawn*) Yesterday was interesting. I got 100 on a homework that I definitely had a answer wrong in, and then Temple decided to put a decent sum of money in my bank account, even though I’m not really getting any band scholarships this semester and have no real clue where it came from. But whatever…I don’t question. I just go shopping. 😉

I have this Law term paper due Tuesday which I haven’t started and have no idea what to do. yey!

I have a current obsession with the song “These Four Walls” by Miley Cyrus. Its kind of an unfortunate situation.

I’m off to drink copious amounts of alcohol…
(and that goes for tomorrow night as well…)
(…sunday is gonna be rough…)