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Happy Valentine’s Day

Is anyone else having trouble with the WordPress upgrade? I tried doing the automatic upgrade thing and its been on “Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.7.1.zip” forever and doesn’t do anything.

I had a really great Valentine’s Day…well technically it isn’t over yet haha. First I went for some quick shopping. I had to get new perfume at Bath and Body Works cause my Velvet Tuberose perfume was basically gone. I got the Black Amethyst and it smells amazing. I also got a free body lotion! Yay for free stuff. Then Shawn :<3: and I went to dinner at Pietro's and it was delish. I got the rigatoni alla vodka and a cannoli. mmm. Have so much going on this week. I have a Law exam which is scary. I hope I do well :confused: I also have two other papers and reading. ugh. I might try thinking of a new theme for the site. woo! Made a spontaneous new layout! What do ya think of it?

I need to look for a job eventually…

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