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day 15: a fanfic…or not

This post is not going to be about a fanfic, considering I don’t read fanfiction at all and therefore have nothing to post. =/ I did, however, used to write fanfic back in the day…like when I was 12. I’m definitely not going to post that, though. The embarrassment would be overwhelming. :p

In exciting news, I got a new phone! My first smartphone, an LG Ally. I was pretty much set on it when I entered the store, so I didn’t really look around at other phones too much. The salesguy tried to get me to buy a case and insurance and a screen protector and all this stuff with it…which I just kept saying no to cause I didn’t want to spend any more money. However, while he was setting the phone up I spotted a bright pink case…25% off. Yea, so I ended up getting a case for it. haha. Its good because I don’t really like the actual body of the phone (the part that the cute case covers), and it should keep my phone from getting damaged. Starting to think I should have gotten a screen protector though because the screen is getting a bit dirty…perhaps I will eventually.

PS: Foursquare is terribly addictive. lol

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