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day 28: your year in great detail

My whole year in great detail? I don’t think so. haha. Lets just go with a month-by-month bullet point list of 2010, shall we?

  • JAN: Rang in the new year with Shawn. We went to a nice restaurant in the city. Found out I got a job about a week later (happy!), Shawn also got a job…in Charlotte (saaad). Stayed with him in Charlotte for a week, then started my job the following week. Crazy month filled with lots of changes!
  • FEB: Nothing eventful I don’t think. It snowed and I think I had a couple snowdays, perhaps?
  • MAR: Another boring month that was fairly uneventful. Nothing really stands out from March that I can remember.
  • APR: I turned 23 this month. I also went to visit Shawn in Charlotte for Easter weekend.
  • MAY: I moved my whole site to a new web host. I honestly think that was the only remotely eventful thing that happened this month.
  • JUN: This was the last month in my apartment (which I had been living in by myself for 6 months). Moved out and back in with my parents the last weekend in June. Lots of packing stuff, and Shawn’s brothers had to help out cause of the furniture. It was also ridiculously HOT out, and the AC in my house broke for a week when it was 90+ degrees.
  • JUL: month one of living at home. Meh. For 4th of July weekend, I went to Brigantine with Shawn and his family which was fun. Nothing much else happened though.
  • AUG: I did blog a lot this month, though honestly nothing eventful happened. haha
  • SEPT: Went to visit Shawn in Charlotte for Labor Day weekend (also his birthday). Had a lot of fun there. I also started this meme in September, which is funny because its now November and its only supposed be “30 days”
  • OCT: On the 22nd was my 4 year anniversary with Shawn, which I was sad about because I couldn’t celebrate with him…then whadyaknow, he surprises me by showing up in Philly! I didn’t end up having any Halloween plans this month, though I wish I had.
  • NOV: I suppose you could just read the previous entry which is about this month. *points down*
  • DEC: This month Shawn will be moving back, so I suspect it’ll be full of apartment hunting and apartment shopping and Christmas stuff and holiday cheer. Like I said in the previous post, we’re going to drive down to NC to pick him up on the 17th. I’m excited about December! I get my bf back and its also Christmas! Hoping it’ll be an awesome month =)

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  1. that’s great that your boy is moving back, I hope it’s not because he lost his job though :/
    Your year sounds about as eventful as mine was 😛

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