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Doing Better

Hello all,

Thank you for the kind words in my last entry. Its been a week since that entry and I feel like I’m doing better now, and hopefully I don’t have another like emotional explosion anytime soon lol. I also have some pretty awesome friends that I got to see recently <3 On Saturday, a couple friends and I went to Public House for some appetizers (mmm nachos) and drinks, and this Tuesday I got together with my friend Stef for some burgers and yummy gelato! Shawn and I got together for lunch with his mom on Monday. This Sunday my parents, Shawn, and I are going out to brunch since they couldn't see me for my birthday last weekend. Should be nice though. I'm going to order a mattress pad next week so I'm hoping that will fit on the futon alright. The futon is slightly under a "Full" size bed width by like 5 inches I think, but it should still be okay (maybe). I'm having a difficult time trying to find an inexpensive chocolate brown bedspread that will look nice and doesn't come with like 15 throw pillows. haha. Looking forward to starting to grow trying to grow basil again this summer. I ordered the new Birchbox Home box (since I loved the last one so much) which includes a little mini basil growing kit. I wish we got more sunlight in the condo…there’s barely any =/ Even outside, there’s not a lot of sunlight. I’m scared to leave the basil outside though because of squirrels and birds and all.

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  1. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, and I have no words of wisdom to help you through. I think you’re doing the right thing by trying to spend time with your friends and finding things to distract you. <3

  2. Good to see you’re doing better. Growing basil is quite a challenge! They need so much sun, but not direct sun, and so much warmth. It’s almost impossible to keep them alive for some longer amount of time here, at least outside. They grow fine in the kitchen though :).

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