Ellie Box (May)

Super excited to post here for the first time about Ellie! Ellie is a fitness box subscription that runs $49.95/month (with the option to skip, which I’ve done). I just started working out in January, and unfortunately my workout clothes were awful and I barely had any. I started this subscription as a way to build up some cute, coordinated staples that I could wear to the gym. I definitely think its a good value. You receive 1 sports bra, 1 top, and 1 set of leggings/capris in every box (that alone is probably $50 if you bought them separately). Each box also includes 2 additional fitness-related items and a little drawstring bag too! This is the second one I’ve received and my favorite so far of the 2.

Here what I got in May’s Box (brands in parenthesis):

Ambition Capris (Balance Collection): Omg guysss. These are so comfy. I don’t know what material these are made from but they are ridiculously soft. They’re also adorable with a watercolor/tiedye effect separated by mesh panels. Love!

Paula Sports Bra (Marika): Another incredibly comfortable and soft Marika bra, just like the one I received in my last Ellie box. This one has straps along the front. Where these straps are makes them kind of a little low cut, but its not too bad (especially if, like me, you’re not exactly well-endowed). There’s the option to convert it to a racerback as well.

Cardio Tank (Marika): Another Marika item that is super soft! I love the back on this one and it coordinates with the capris really well.

Arm Wallet (Marika): I was super excited about this because I’ve been wanting to walk/jog along Kelly Drive but hate having to carry my phone. This is pretty cool and fits my phone perfectly and also has a little pocket for a key. Unfortunately, its too large for my arm. The velcro just doesn’t extend far enough to make it a secure fit. BUT I’m going to DIY it a bit and add some additional velcro to it, so hopefully I’ll be able to use it.

Hand Therapy Balls (Balance Collection): Three squishy balls! ……okay, I’ll go on. These are meant to be for relieving tension and working out your hand muscles. Each ball is a different level of resistance. They’re super fun and they also bounce. My cat is a fan as well.

Hair Tyes (Zobha): Umm…bonus!? These weren’t listed as an official item in the May box, but as an item in the April one (which I didn’t get). I’m not sure if they were included because I didn’t get the April one or if they just threw them in here as an extra, but I’m super happy they did. I love these hair ties and the colors are adorable.

All in all, loved this box and can’t wait to use these items!