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Fall plans

Once again, I have nothing much to blog about! Its been kinda blah since I came back from Vegas, but usually my Fall months are fairly eventful so hopefully I’ll have more to talk about coming up!

I’m planning on getting my hair cut this weekend, which isn’t really anything new or exciting…but I AM thinking about coloring it as well. Nothing drastic (or even that noticeable), but I’ve been wanting to at least get a tinge of color for awhile. I’m also getting ridiculous amounts of grays. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe a slight hint of red…so you could only see it when it reflects light? I’ve always wanted to go jet black (since I graduated highschool haha), but not sure I’m ready for that yet. My other options are to just get it cut, and then maybe use either a box dye or a henna dye from Lush. Right now I’m actually leaning very much towards the henna dye (in Caca Noir) because it seems like the least damaging and most subtle option, but I keep going back and forth on it. Who knows what I’ll end up doing. haha

I’m pretty excited about Fall and Halloween and just general cooler weather. Planning on going to Bath and Body Works this weekend to pick up some Fall scented candles. Kinda bummed because I missed out on the 2 for $20 sale they were having…thats what I get for procrastinating. I’m not sure what my plans are for Halloween, but I never do anything and I’m determined to this year. If anything, I’m sure my apartment community will have some sort of party. I still have the clown costume I got last year but never wore, so I don’t even need to get a costume this year.

Thats all I got. I hope my mood improves a bit. Its a weird mix of like…apathy/not wanting to do anything at all and antsyness/boredom with everything. I don’t even think that makes sense haha!

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  1. Your hair is going grey already? That sucks. I think I’ve had a couple of them, but nothing really noticeable. I think you could dye your hair black, because to me, it already looks that color lol. Good luck deciding what to do! I really need to get my hair cut too. I don’t think it’s been cut since May.

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