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Friday Five!

TGIF! Some random thoughts for Friday…

  • 1. Northeast Bloggers: Just discovered an awesome new group called Northeast Bloggers Network (where this wonderful blog hop idea originates). If any of you are in the Northeast states, be sure to join! And if this is the first time anyone is checking out my blog…welcome welcome (and sorry in advance that I barely post! lol).
  • 2. Vet Appointment: …is tomorrow at 10 in the morning for the kitty. Hoping to get some answers regarding his hair loss/itchy skin situation. I’m at least hoping they’ll give him something that would let me know once and for all if its an allergy or a behavorial thing. I did change his litter this week from the regular clay to Feline Pine. So far, I’ve only mixed the 2 together and he seems to be taking to it fine. I really love the pine litter so far. No irritating dust at all (which I’m afraid may have been affecting his skin).
  • 3. Emeals: I’ve done 2 weeks of emeals so far! Have mostly positive feelings about it. The one negative I would say I have is that most of the meals take much more time to prepare than I would normally alot. Usually I’m done making diner in 30 minutes, but some of these meals take an hour to prepare (no thanks!).
  • 4. #100HappyDays: I’ve started participating in the 100HappyDays project. Basically, you post something on the media platform of your choice (Instagram for me) each day of something that makes you happy. I’ll be honest, its hard to remember sometimes…especially if I’m having a crappy day, but I think it is giving me a more positive outlook!
  • 5. Snow: As much as I love snow and winter in general (yes, hello, I’m weird), and really over all this snow and no snow days! Literally not one yet. Come on! I hate having to wear rainboots everyday to walk through ucky slush to and from work.

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  1. For me, the biggest reason I hate cooking is the prep time. All meals should take 30 mins of actual work MAX! After that I’m tired lol. Tomorrow I plan on making a meal, making cookies, and making a cheese cake. I hope I can handle being in the kitchen that long!

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