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Wrapping Up February

The elusive, once-every-2-weeks blogger has returned!

I’ve done some minor changes around here. Finally got around to adding an about me graphic over there to the right. I didn’t have an about graphic OR an about me page…so I have no idea how anyone was supposed to know who I was. So there you have it! I’ve also added a couple buttons.

I took mister kitty to the vet a couple weeks ago for his checkup and to try to get some answers about his potential allergy issue. After dragging him all the way there myself (long story…but my shoulder still hurts), I didn’t really leave with many answers. The doctor said to try a prescription food with him for at least 6 weeks to see if that help (gonna go out on a limb here but…it won’t). Then if that doesn’t work, we can try the allergy testing route which is most likely expensive and time consuming. Oh kitty…why can’t you just tell me what are you allergic to? =/ This past week, I also noticed his eye was very watery as well. I was like uh ohh here we go again. But luckily, its gotten a LOT better the last couple days after I doubled him up on a supplement he takes for his immune system. Hope it stays that way!

We didn’t really do anything super special for Valentine’s Day. We got some delicious Indian take out from King of Tandoor though (yum!) and watched a movie.

We’ve been trying out EMeals for a few weeks now. I mostly like it, but I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it after the 3 months I paid for are up. We usually only make about 4 out of the 7 meals. We just either don’t like the options, or they take way too much time and involve way too many ingredients. Even out of the meals we do make, we hardly ever make the side dishes (usually too complicated). One meal I’m remembering that I absolutely loved is a sausage and pasta dish with red peppers…it was super yummy. So was the lemon caper chicken But as a whole, I’d say more misses than hits so I’m probably not going to be renewing. I’ll have to look for new recipes the old fashioned way!

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