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golly geeee

Sitting here at the Tech Center again. My boss is going to be out for the rest of the week…so it was like party time in the office. haha. Its much more relaxed…listening to music and surfing facebook. =P Except I didn’t get to work all day today…but its alright. I worked full days on Monday and Tuesday so I have enough hours already.

I’m surprised that its already 3. Time went by pretty fast today. I had some really good greasy pepperoni pizza for lunch. 😆 mmmm.

I really don’t have much to report about today. My nose is still stuffy. I’m praying to God that it clears up…and soon. 😐 I hadn’t gotten much sleep this week so I’m thinking that might be delaying my cold. I tried to go to bed early last night but my parents kept talking loud in the other room…and I couldn’t really get comfortable for some reason. Just wasn’t tired. haha. I am now though so I’m gonna try and take a nap when I get home.

This Friday I’ll be going up to Temple and staying till Sunday. I’m excited! 🙂 And on Monday evening I’ll be leaving to go to New Jersey with my friends and staying till Wednesday for my friend’s birthday party. I’m really looking forward to that too. It’ll be like a mini vacation. haha. Speaking of vacations…it turns out I’ll be going to Vegas and Seattle this summer with my parents…most likely in July. So I’m excited about that 😀 I’ve been to Seattle before (we have family there) but I’ve never been to Vegas. It would be amazingx500 if they happened to be filming CSI on location there that week. haha. But I highly doubt it. It’ll still be cool though.

Thats all for now…I’m probably gonna do a website review or something until 4.Goll

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  1. I’m glad you feel really relaxed now that your boss is gone ;P I tend to be more of the controlling type so I wouldn’t work that well as a employee. BUT you can’t always rule xP

    I’m goign to Vegas this summer too! In August though lol 🙂 I went there when I was 3 but I dont’ remember anything o_O

  2. That relaxing sounds really nice. I’m sorry to hear about the stuffy nose. I know that really gets me down. I think it’s allergy season, or something. Have a good time in Seattle and Vegas!


  3. Yum! I love pizza!!! lol

    Yeah, I have been sick and taking medicine since the 18th of May. It really does suck being sick. Have a nice vacation!

  4. Argh, I hate stuffy noses – I hope for your sake it does clear up soon 🙂 Hopefully you can catch up on sleep and everything soon too 🙂

    But ooh, your mini-vacation does really really good – lucky you 🙂

  5. Ugh I’m nursing a cold myself and It’s making me miserable. I’m at work with a box of tissues and I’ve been making tea like every five minutes. Ugh. I want my day to go faster so I can get some sleep.
    I’m going to Vegas in September, I’ve never been before. I hope you have a great trip- tell me how it is ok?

  6. Thanks 🙂

    When my parents are talking loud at night, I stand in my bed and kick the wall. Lol.. *Lisa goes crazy*

  7. Your vacations this summer sound like fun! I hope you have a good time doing it.

    I hope you start feeling well soon.

    – Tiffany

  8. Hey Melanie! Oh gosh. It’s been AGES! I’m sorry I disappeared so suddenly. My hostess stopped her hosting plan and didn’t tell me beforehand so I almost lost everything.
    That’s cool that you’re going to Vegas! One of my friends live there and it’s sounds hella amazing! With the whole Strip thing. And the amount of concerts she goes to there! Haha.
    I hope you get well soon! I been having a horrible past few days, what with fevers, sore throats and runny nose. Is this a season of sickness? LOL.

  9. heck yea for no bosses to boss you around. ahah id be like boozes any one lol.enjoy the rest of the time because it will be gone in a flash. also greasey pizza sounds mighty delicious right now as a matter of fact lol.

  10. No boss around = fun.
    Mini vacations and full vacations are awesome. And so is greasy pizza. haha. Being sick isn’t awesome though. And neither is not sleeping. I hope you get better soon. 🙂

  11. I had the flu today and my nose was all stuffy and I STILL went to work. I hope that you will feel better soon – being sick is so annoying lol.

  12. I hope you get to go on vacation. That would be really fun. Me and some of my friends are planning some camping trips so that is pretty exciting. I need to go camping at least once this summer or my life will not be fulfilled haha.

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