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wasting some time

Hey guys!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I stayed up at Temple this weekend with my boyfriend which was fun =) I can’t wait till I get to move back in August. Sometimes I feel more at home here than at home. haha. I was in Kohl’s yesterday shopping for stuff and I heard this girl on the phone with her mom (I’m guessing she was like preteen age)…having this long debate about what she was allowed to buy and what she wasn’t and how much it was. She had to tell her mom like the exact color of what she was getting and the amount (which was only 12 bucks…which isn’t that much for clothing) but her mom didn’t seem to like it too much. Even though sometimes I wish I were little so I don’t have to deal with responsibility, hearing those kinds of conversations further my appreciation for the fact that I’m 20…and that if I want to buy a pink and orange polka-dotted spaghetti strapped shirt with bows on the side that costs 45 dollars, I could. Though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t buy something like that. LOL. I did get a new shirt while I was there though…as well as this cute matching necklace…and white sunglasses. I also finally got over my week-long cold on Friday. It was such a relief.

This morning my boss wanted me to take the subway down to somewhere to meet her to give her something. The girl I work with was out so I knew it would be a disaster going by myself. So I said no way jose! Actually, I just told her that I’m terrible with directions and public transportation in general and that it might not be a good idea. Luckily she understood…and took my suggestion of emailing her the information. haha. I do feel kind of bad though…like I didn’t do my job or something. =/

While I was eating my lunch today of more greasy pizza and french fries, I was approached by more of the “Jesus” people (on Friday I was asked by some old lady if I was a child of God). These girls, however, were about my age…probably younger (maybe still in highschool) and asked me if I’d like to hear a verse…or something like that. Now I thought that they went to Temple, and were writing something for some class, and wanted to know my opinion on it. I honestly didn’t know they were Jesus people until they sat down and started writing out Bible verses, explaining each word to me, and drawing diagrams showing how Jesus is our bridge from sin to salvation. They were from Iowa or something. I just kind of nodded…and looked at the clock on my phone about 18 times. They were actually sweet though…I said I had to go to class and they gave me the paper they were writing stuff on. haha. They seemed so thankful that someone actually bothered to sit and listen to them. I told them to enjoy their stay in Pennsylvania. =P

Theres people here in the Tech Center needing help with CIS55 (I guess the web design stuff), and the people that work here seem to not have a clue as to whats going on. haha. I feel like helping the peeps…though they might have messed stuff up and be beyond help =P I was actually emailed by my CIS55 TA last semester asking if I was interested in a job as a tutor for the class. I didn’t really email back (It seemed like it was a mass email type of thing cause it didn’t have my name on it…though I’m not sure). I thought it would be too over my head…cause I suck at explaining things and dealing with people’s problems (unless of course I know the answer). Maybe I should have gotten more info about it though…maybe I’d actually have something to do instead of sitting here doing nothing. lol.

I’m taking the train in about an hour to go to my friend’s house. Then we’re getting picked up by our other friends and going to NJ. Then tomorrow we’re going to New York for a birthday party…and then possibly the beach on Wednesday. haha. So that should be fun 🙂 It’ll be nice to be away from work and all.

Thats all folks. I should be back either Wednesday night or Thursday…and I’ll post pictures 🙂

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  1. Your new clothes sound very cute.

    Actually, I’ve signed up for tutoring at my high school. The teachers are apparently in the process of making some sort of new program and all the grade 8’s get to be tutored by the grade 11’s and 12’s. I think it will be quite fun, since I’ve already gotten a chance to teach people during a summer job for a couple of years.

    Hope you’re having fun on your trip.


  2. Hey Mel! Long time, no blog comments, eh? 😛 Sounds like you got some cool clothes at Kohls ^^ Some of my favorite shirts are from there.

    Hmm. The Jesus people sound interesting… They were from Iowa? Strange.

    Have a great time in NJ and NY!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time shopping,that was nice of you to listen to them I probably would have run away.

  4. Jealous of your shopping trip!

    haha 🙂

    “Jesus people” kinda scare me a little. I don’t really like being approached by strangers, and well.. being preached to frustrates me … A lot ! I don’t know what I would have done in your situation.

    Enjoy NY and the Birthday Party 😀

  5. Ooh, shopping! Nice that you got some stuff! I totally wasted a whole week of the month long Great Singapore Sales being sick. -_- Time to catch up! LOL.

    ROFL, Jesus people. I don’t like those pushy types. They make me want to turn around and run in the other direction.

    Have fun at the party! Wish I could just take a train to NY. LOL.

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