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Good evening ladies and gents

Hmm…this weekend felt pretty short. Last night the rents and I went to see the opera H.M.S Pinafore at the Academy of Music. It was alright. I’m not a big Gilbert and Sullivan person cause they all seem the same to me…but for some reason my parents insist on bringing me every year to see it *shrug* lols.

Tonight we took my grandfather out to this Italian place called Guido’s for Father’s Day. It was really nice. I ate a lot. haha.

Nothing much else going on lols *boredface*

2 thoughts on “Good evening ladies and gents”

  1. Not being a muscian, or an average student ( lol ), most of that was clicks and whistles to me.

    Yay about going out for Father’s Day, though! I hope you thought to bring me a doggy bag, lol.

  2. Italian food! mmm, I love Italian, but there are very few good Italian restaurants where I live. I hope the rest of the week goes well for you!
    – Laura

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