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the official drink of marsupials

When it doubt of blog subject titles, look at a snapple bottle.

Today was alright. Went to work in the morning…we had two deliveries which was unusual…one of which my boss doesn’t remember ordering. I decided to set up a GMail account to use instead of my Comcast one. I like the features more and how it groups together messages like a forum thread. =P

Staying at Shawn’s tonight as well as Thurs so that should be fun =) Tomorrow I have to go home around 1 because my mom has to go to a doctor’s appt. W00t for going home early! haha.

Its all kinda of crazy hot out right now and I’m basically going to die =/

Adorability has a new hostee! Everyone go check out Anthony’s site!

5 thoughts on “the official drink of marsupials”

  1. Gmail really rocks. Unlimited webspace, cool features, what more could you ask for?

    Anyway, I hope that the sleepover would be fun! Congrats on the hostee!

  2. Welcome to GMail. It’s great isn’t it? I don’t like the website mail though, so I have it setup through thunderbird.

  3. hehe. been with hotmail all my life. never used gmail or yahoo. well… my school blocked hotmail, so then i used my webmail account. so i guess i use 2 mail providers… i think im gonna go check out gmail though. i’ve heard so many good things about it :]

  4. I’ve been having a gmail account for so long, and I never use it, I think I forgot the password LOL, yahoo all the way haha!

    Aw we got a new brother! That’s cool. Take care and have fun at Shawn’s!!

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