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gotta pocket full of sunshine

Newww design! Thanks a billion to Asia for helping me out with this! It finally looks the way I’ve been wanting it to look. =)

I can’t believe its already mid-July. In a little over a month it’ll be band camp. oh joy. I am looking forward to the week I have off between when my internship ends and when band camp begins though.

Today at work we found a turtle chilling out in the lawn…it was really random and out of place since it wasn’t small by any means. It was cute though, and hopefully it made it to a safe place ^.^

On my way back to the subway station today, some guy at Broad and Chestnut got all up in my face -the same guy that usually gets all up in my/everyone’s face every day, but this time he was like practically blocking my walking path. He was all “heyy honey slow down…” so I took whatever it was he was shoving in my face, which was a CD, and hes like “okay but that ain’t free” and I’m like “I don’t want it then.” And he kept talking but I just kept trying to hand it back to him and walked away. I don’t understand why you would bother someone who has their headphones on and is basically speed walking down Broad street, let alone do it EVERY DAY. You’d think he’d recognise me by now and the fact that I don’t care. I mean its one thing if I’m walking and you let me pass by, but getting practically in front of someone so they can’t walk is just rude.

Overall though its been quite a good day. Adios!

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  1. Wow, that’s kind of eerie how our posts are basically about the same thing. Only once did I have someone get up in my face like that though. We were walking on Broad to the Chinese food place near City View Pizza and this guy actually grabbed my arm to try and grasp my attention. I completely flipped out on him, and I think I caught him by surprise because he practically fell off the curb and onto the street. Afterwards it was hilarious, but in the moment it’s the most annoying thing in the world.

    What’s worse though is that I was with a posse of boys, and my boyfriend, although we weren’t dating at the time, and somehow I felt like they should have said something to the guy, especially since one of them was “courting” me. I was upset at first that they hadn’t, but in the end I was proud that I was strong enough to stand up for myself. I see you did too! Attagirl!

    Oh and I’m glad everything turned out alright with your layout. Just these small improvements have improved it a lot! It’s inspiring. Hopefully I can get on my feet and start making my own!

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