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So I am officially a Temple alum!

Graduation went pretty well. The rain held off until nighttime so that made me very happy. The Communications School, however, pretty much sucks with communication-related things. They kept playing the wrong music and not loudly enough at all. And there wasn’t even a hat toss and we didn’t get diploma holders. O well. haha. Afterwards my parents, shawn, and I went out to dinner at a restaurant near my house. They surprised me with a cute Temple-themed graduation cake 🙂 I’m going to upload some pictures which will be on my Flickr (on the sidebar at left).

The sucky part is that it felt like a Friday yesterday, but it wasn’t 🙁 so I’m in work today for the whole day. Luckily I’m not too tired. I have to help people record stuff, though, and I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing. yay!

I also got my final grades back yesterday. A’s in every class! I was a little worried about that because there were a couple classes I was bordering on an A with…but I managed to pull through. My cumulative GPA (all 4 years) ended up being 3.8…which is a nice even number to end with. Though my internship grade hasn’t been entered in the system yet but it should end up being the same I think.

Goals for the summer:
– find a job
– learn Dreamweaver
– record more vlogs and review videos
– find a job
– work on shawn’s website
– redo my portfolio site
– find a job


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  1. They messed up a lot of other things too. I was sent a master’s gown (guess that’s not their fault though) and another girl was given the same seat as me, and they ended up making her sit at the end even though she was far from being late.

  2. ooo congrats on graduating with such an awesome GPA at Temple! I was considering going there when I wanted to major in business, but I switched. Any ideas where you want to work?

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