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Grumble Grumble

Well I’d like to say that my weekend turned out better than my previous week did, but no such luck. I won’t get into any details other than the bf and I were supposed to go to dinner on Friday night, and that didn’t happen, and I was pissed (there’s obviously more to the story though). X( I did absolutely nothing on Saturday. I did have a nice bubble bath with a “pop in the bath” bathbomb from Lush (first time trying it – it was nice!) but I didn’t go out or anything at all and I was in a pretty bad mood. Saturday night was a little better…we watched a couple movies (including Kick-Ass, which was awesome…go watch it on Netflix streaming!). Sunday was spent doing the usual grocery shopping and laundry. Luckily I had already cleaned the apartment on Thursday evening because people were supposed to come over Friday to replace some filter in our HVAC unit and I’m weird and I didn’t want it looking like a mess. We also (very spontaneously) went to Applebees on Sunday for lunch. Despite the fact that our food took foreverrrr, the chicken fajita wrap that I ordered was delicious and I’m totally getting that again next time I go there.

I’ve been downloading a ton of music lately. (protip: download mp3s from Amazon Mp3, not Itunes. They don’t charge tax!). I’ve been really into the Arctic Monkeys, and also The Fratellis…that kind of stuff. Also got quite a few Christina Perri tracks.

Its supposed to rain and rain and rain all week long. yeeeeeyyy X(

On the Beauty Blog front, I should be doing a ton of reviews coming up due to the fact that I received my first Birchbox last week and also an order from Sephora. Some mini-reviews on the Birchbox products are below.

new beauty blog post
Birchbox #1 (May 2011)
So I got my first Birchbox last week! I was so excited, and I was definitely not disappointed at all with what I was sent! The samples were all very generous, and were all things that I was interested in trying. I have tried all the products (some more than others) so I will post a quick little review next to each… read the rest

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  1. That doesn’t sound so bad at all, but bad moods ruin everything. Kick Ass is such a good movie, I love it!
    I’m ashamed to say I haven’t visited in a while because I’m naughty and read everything on google reader, but the blog looks really awesome! Good work!

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