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Lazy Brain Day

I don’t feel like being at work this morning…or really doing anything at all. I’m not even feeling physically lazy, my brain just doesn’t want to function or do the thinking thing. I want to go somewhere. I want some kind of event or vacation to look forward to and plan for. I want an adventure…but there’s none to be had. bleh. Missing the bf even though I just saw him this morning. Though he’s probably annoyed with me because I made him miss the bus because I forgot my keys because for some reason I find it difficult to remember to put them in my bag when I’m done unlocking the door and I just throw them in random places. Or maybe not.

O yea, weekend recap. On Saturday I went into the city with a couple of my friends. We were first planning on going to a chocolate cafe that we’ve been to before, but apparently it closed down :(( so we ended up going to Bonte Sugar Waffles. I had a delicious waffle with white chocolate and blueberries. mmm! Definitely going there again at some point. Then we did some shopping. First stop was H&M. I finally got a summer dress. Its light but very cute! Next we went to Anthropologie. I didn’t get anything but I definitely put a bunch of kitchen things on my mental wish list. Last stop was Barnes and Nobles. I wasn’t really planning on getting anything since I had just started a new book, but then my eye caught an adorable recipe journal, which is something I needed. Right now my recipe lists are sort of disorganized…some on the computer, some on websites, some printed out or written out. This book is perfect because there are tons of pages I can write recipes in, and it comes with pre-written info like measuring conversions and a whole ton of stuff. Love it!

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I went to my parent’s house, but I was not feeling so hot. I wanted to workout (since I hadn’t for over a week) so I hopped on the treadmill. I was fine for the first jog and then all of a sudden got ridiculously dizzy. I sat down for a little bit and drank water, since I figured it was something to do with water (isn’t everything something to do with water?). Then I jumped back on and decided to take it easy and just walk. I started feeling woozy again so I slowed it down to a ridiculously slow pace which probably doesn’t even qualify as exercising. I was breathing ridiculously heavy and my heart was racing and the dizziness ensued. I was like wtf I’m walking. So I decided to call it quits after my grueling 15 minute workout. In the evening we went to an Indian restaurant near our house. I stuffed myself to the brim with two helpings of rice and chicken tikka masala. Pretty sure I was full for like the entire day after as well lol.

O yea…regarding my last entry about my domain renewal…there is more! On Sunday after dinner when I got back to my apartment I was going to post an entry. I typed in my website and got one of those lovely “Page Cannot Be Displayed”s. I looked at the date and saw that it was May 8th, a day after my domain would have expired, and soon realized I was going to be very very very mad at my domain provider (who, as I mentioned previously, had assured my that my domain was renewed). I jumped on their live chat and talked to someone, who couldn’t really do anything put she re-opened my previous support ticket. But the one thing that she did do? She freakin apologized. This is the first time I have ever received any sort of apology regarding these issues. I know that it was probably a generic response that she says to everyone, but it was the first instance of actual customer service I had experienced. Needless to say, I got in contact with the original people that were helping me and asked them to fix it and give me an explanation as to why it was not working. They fixed it, but provided no explanation (as usual). I didn’t press it since my website works again and I don’t care anymore, but I’m really tempted to switch providers now since my package is up for renewal on the 22nd. I don’t feel like dealing with switching everything, though, so I will stay with them (and reluctantly give them my money) for one more year.

I literally just spilled yogurt all over my shirt for the second time today. It is gray (note: a color that stains very visibly). god dammit. Can I go home now?

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  1. I’m so glad it’s not just me who has Lazy Brain Days! 😀
    I think I’m having one today too! I’m SUPPOSED to be doing an assignment for college…but instead I am reading blogs. Oops. X(

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