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happy june

Hey guys just wanted to post an update. On what exactly I am updating you on I’m not really sure though. haha. Nothing really exciting has been happening. I’ve been applying to jobs a lot but no call backs (except from shady places that I never applied to in the first place lol). I’m going to try to start looking for a part time job in the city soon. Don’t really want to cause I can’t stand the general public but I don’t have a choice. haha

I’m also trying to learn Dreamweaver CS4…and by trying I mean failing miserably. Its so confusing to me and I can’t seem to do such simple basic things that I could do in oldschool Frontpage in like 5 seconds. Can anyone help me?? :confused: lol I do have a book but I’m not the best at learning from reading a book. I will try to give it another go though. ETA: Fooled around with it all day today and actually made a page! crazy.

I really need to start investing in a new laptop. It sucks having one that I can’t carry around anywhere. I really want a Sony Vaio, but any other recommendations you guys have?

This weekend is Maureen’s grad party which is exciting so I’ll be going home for that. And the 27th is my grad party! (don’t forget!) 😛

As far as site updates go, I’ve added a little YouTube embed thingmabob down their on the sidebar (which was a bitch and a half to install btw. It kept making the header below it all funky so I had to like create a blank header tag to put in between the two.) Also added a new review to the beauty blog. Please follow me on Twitter cause I post there a lot more and you’ll also be able to know when I post something new to the beauty blog!

I’m trying to grow out my nails (aka not bite them!) and I’m doing rather okay so far. Its been since Sunday and I have yet to touch them…thats good for me. hahaha. Hopefully I make it through the week! Though I find it really hard to type on my laptop (especially the keys that are missing) with long-er nails. bleh

Sorry if I haven’t been visiting all of your blogs and such…I keep forgetting the ones that don’t have RSS. If you don’t have RSS, I’d highly suggest getting it cause it makes blogs so much easier to read 🙂

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  1. Good luck finding a job! I’m still looking myself. I don’t understand why it’s so hard. Also, I know what you mean about typing with long nails. It drives me crazy. But I don’t really like having long nails anyway so when they start to interfere I just cut them short again.

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