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has it really been two months?

…since I last wrote anything here? Geez I’m sorry. Well to make up for it I have a brand new theme up! It took me awhile to code…let me know what you think! But please for the love of all that is good do not view it in Internet Explorer! haha. Bad things will happen.

I can’t even think about whats happened since October 14th haha. Wow that was even before Halloween. I didn’t do anything on Halloween =/ But I have a cute clown costume that I got which I’ll wear next year. November was okay. We went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. lol. Umm…still no job (I’m starting to think that will never change. *sigh*). O yea, since I last blogged I have put up a total of 9 new songs on my music page/music myspace (as well as a re-recording of “Evellina”). Check them out!

Tonight I’m having a holiday party at the apartment. I’ve been cleaning all morning (cause everything was just gross and messy) and I’m headed out in a little bit to pick some other stuff up. Hopefully people will come and it’ll be fun =) The Christmas decorations looks pretty nice and I’m going to attempt to bake cupcakes.

I’m going to Seattle next Wednesday for the week of Christmas to visit some family we have over there. Should be exciting!

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