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holiday summary

So…this is the new Adorability.org! I’ve gotten rid of all the extraneous content and kept the basics of the site: my blog, my work, and links. All I have left to do is add digital art and photography to the portfolio section. done! If anyone is interested in hosting, I have 4 spots available. Just send me an email saying you’re interested! All I ask is that you have experience with putting a website together (e.g coding, wordpress or cutenews,…) because I have very little time and might not be able to help as much as I’d like to. I’d also like to see some kind of example of your work (your current website or a past layout).

I’m heading back to campus tomorrow. It was nice being home but its definitely about time for a change. I miss Shawn and I’m looking forward to spending New Years with him <3 And I really need to work to make up for all the money I've spent over the holidays! haha. Plus I'm playing a few basketball games for band which should also provide me with some more $. Luckily I don't start classes till January 22nd so I have time to relax.

ipod.png Overall, I really enjoyed winter break thus far. Shawn got to come over to stay for a few days and meet my parents, and I got to do the same at his place =) I was also able to hang out with friends that I hadn’t seen in a really long time! I also got my hair cut! haha. I like it but I miss it being really long. I guess it’ll grow. As far as gifts go, I got an 8GB blue Ipod nano (see pic) which I love, lots of bath stuff, two pairs of earrings, a purse, a watch, a Regina Spektor CD, a Coach wallet, and 100 bucks (from my grandpa). I used the money to order these cute boots (see pic) I’ve been dying to get. boots.png Still need to invest in a Chi flat iron but I’ll wait a little while for that so I don’t go broke!

My grades didn’t turn out as bad as I thought either! I got all A’s (three A’s and two A-‘s) =) So I’m pretty happy about that, considering it seemed like a harder semester than past semesters I’ve had. This is actually the first time I’ve gotten all A’s. Not a bad Christmas present =P

I hope the upcoming semester isn’t as crazy as the last one. I’m only taking 4 classes so I’m guessing I’ll have more time, but I can’t be certain. I’d definitely like to blog here more than I’ve been doing. haha.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!

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  1. Thank you! Your layouts are always so cute. I alwasy love the Urban(ness) of them. And those boots at too cute. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Hey Melanie!
    Long time no talk! =)
    Loving the new look for Adorability!
    It’s awesome and so gorgeous!
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Best wishes for the new year!
    Those boots are sooo pretty!

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