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Hope everyone had a great New Years!

I’ll be at work for the rest of the week…and most likely everyday till the semester starts. *sigh* So boring. haha. I hate having to call people…especially rude people. I had to call the Physical Therapy department to ask what the name of one of the instructors for an online class was…and the lady (who I could barely understand) kept asking if I was a transitional student, when I clearly stated that I worked with the Distance Learning department. bah! Then she proceeded to talk to me like I was 10 years old and didn’t know what I was talking about. Oh stupid people >.< haha. Then the Music department attempted to transfer me like 3 times and eventually left me on hold forever so I hung up. It kinda sucks being here with no one else in the office. lol. My boss isn't even here. Nothing much else happening. My mom actually got a job at Temple and started working here today. She works for the Dean's Office of the Science and Technology school. I kind of want to visit her but she hasn't really contacted me yet and I don't know her office number. =P

2 thoughts on “2008!”

  1. That sucks that you have to work so much. But the pay check will be nice. That’s what I always told myself. Happy New Year!

  2. Lol, jobs make me sick. Sometimes anyway. And coming from a 14 year old I say that with the mildest happiness possible. It kills to be working at 14, but hey, like Deanna says, money = love.
    So the effort of talking to such rude people, being a lone in the office and having your mom near, hey it’s all worth it.

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