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Holy Snails Shark Sauce Serum

Last month I posted a brief updated skincare routine. One of the products I mentioned was a hydrating serum by Peach & Lily that contained niacinimide which I really loved. I ended up running out of that serum a lot faster than I thought (probably due to the fact that I couldn’t see how much was left) so I wanted to try something new that also contained niacinimide. Enter Shark Sauce!

Shark Sauce is a handmade serum created by an indie skincare company called Holy Snails and has a bit of a cult following. Contrary to its name, is does not contain shark or have anything to do with sharks (minus the adorable shark on its packaging!). This serum contains 5% niacinimide, hyaluronic acid, licorice root, green tea extract, and N-Acetylglucosamine. Several of its ingredients are used for skin brightening, fading of dark spots/hyperpigmantation, and calming redness. The texture is very nice – a clear gel that spreads easily onto the skin. The packaging leaves something to be desired (its a bit cheap and the cap broke on mine), but I totally understand that its a small company that puts all its efforts into the product itself, so that’s totally fine by me. I also to like how I can see exactly how much is left. Oh what I would give for a pump though!

When I started using this, I wasn’t really expecting it to do much more for me than my previous Peach & Lily serum had. However, after a couple weeks of use I’m noticing that some acne scaring I’ve had for several months now has drastically improved! Its so light now that I don’t even put concealer on it anymore. While both serums contain niacinimide, which is beneficial for dark spots, something else in this serum must really add some additional oomph to really help even out the skin tone and fade hyper pigmentation. I also love that this serum is cheaper than the Peach & Lily one by $10!

This serum is for sure one that I’ll repurchase and keep in my routine! I should mention they also sell a variety of other “flavors” of Shark Sauce which they call “Sauce du mois” which look really fun. If my skin weren’t so sensitive I would try a bunch of Holy Snail’s other products because they seem like a great company!