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Of mice and laptops

So here are some pictures of my new laptop (a pink Sony Vaio NS). I’m basically in love with it.

IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0305

Its so nice to have a computer I can actually carry around places (cause the battery works) and that I can actually type with (cause it has all the keys intact). The keys are a lot easier to use also because they’re flatter. And did I mention its PINK? lol. The webcam that is built in is also much better quality. The only thing I’m not too fond of are the click buttons for the touchpad mouse…they’re kind of small and hard to click, but I usually use a regular mouse most of the time anyway.

O yea…I also just discovered Adobe Soundbooth (which came with my Web Design Premium package). Why did I not know I had this program before?? Totally using it for recording/editing songs!

So yea we have a mouse in out apt. grossness! I’ve had my fair share of mice in my last apartment though so I’m kind of used to it, but I really thought I had escaped them haha. I actually haven’t seen it yet…but Shawn has seen it three times so far. We have two traps that we just set up where he’s seen them come in and out so hopefully they work! We think theres two of them so we named them Mickey and Minnie. haha

So last week (on Tuesday) this blog was hit with a virus. I got an email warning from my hosting provider letting me know about it and that they disabled the file where the virus was located (which was apparently this index page? lol). I luckily had a clean version to re-upload and changed passwords and all of that. I noticed that one of my hostees that hadn’t updated her site in awhile had a virus warning as well so I had to delete her site unfortunately cause I didn’t want it to spread…hopefully she didn’t want it anymore =/

Thats about all I feel like talking about at the moment…so goodnight everyone!

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