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Hey guys! Sorry I never post anymore =/ haha Its not that I don’t have time…I just haven’t really had the motivation to lately. Like I open WordPress…then kinda stare at the blank box and close it again. =P

Anywayyy…so things are pretty good. Work is starting to bug me though…cause I usually work till 1 or so everyday, but lately my boss has me working untill 3 everyday and now just kind of assumes I will. haha. Today I left at 1 though. Whatevs! She seemed kinda annoyed-ish but it could be all in my head (as a lot of things are). I said bye and I she didn’t say bye back. lol

As for site updates…I made a new layout for this blog. Its actually a spin-off of the layout I was gonna have on my portfolio. I can’t decide if I like it or not…I wanted something with more color, but the whole thing is basically pink and blue. =/ I’ll put it up though I guess…cause I really don’t have inspiration for anything else (which is why the portfolio is on hold until I can figure out a layout/design haha)

So I’ll be in Vegas all next week! I think I might bring my laptop though (my dad said something about internet access in the hotel room). Though I hope its not wireless…cause wireless never connects on my computer for some reason. lol. But either way I’ll hopefully be online at least once or twice throughout the week. The flight is on Saturday at 4 in the morning. grr.
Hostees/Affies: if you would like a postcard please email me your address! =)

Tomorrow is the last time I’ll see Shawn until the week after next =( <3 But luckily the week after that I’ll be moving back to Temple into my new apartment! I’m so excited!! 🙂 My dad called to tell me my desk came in today. I picked it out at Staples over the weekend and I really liked it. Its not too big and clumsy, but has drawers and a shelf I can put books on. And the best part is it comes with a little stand…which I might just use as a nightstand. Only problem is that I think the stand has wheels on it…which is not a good idea when I want to hit my alarm clock at 7 in the morning and my stand goes rolling across the room. lol

I really want to write a new song. I have so much I want to write about. But I just sit at the keyboard and draw blanks…and can’t even like make a decent melody. haha. Guess I’m just totally not inspired with anything lately =P Maybe I’ll just write the lyrics…and go from there. hmm.

I bought the new Kelly Clarkson album last week off I-Tunes. Overall its alright…but the reason I bought it was because of the song Sober. Its the most beautiful songs i’ve heard in awhile (the kind I wish I could write)…so when you get a chance be sure to listen to it. 🙂 “Irvine” was also real pretty.

I just started a new book by Mary Higgins Clark. I really want to read “The Perks of Being Wallflower” though…anyone ever read that/was it good? lol. I better tell me what the perks are! hahaha

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  1. For those of us who took the Creative Writing elective at Strath Haven, we were pretty much forced to read The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Personally, I thought it was an excellent book, and this was the general sentiment of my class. It’s not a very long book, and unless you were popular and well-liked in high school, you should be able to relate to the angst driven characters, so it should be very easy for you to just jump right in. Try reading the first chapter, and if you don’t like it, nobody is going to blame you for putting it away. 🙂

  2. i’ve felt the same way lately about wordpress! :grr: the portfolio is cute! what script do you use? i would like a postcard but lol my parents would be like “what the??” they dont know about you or my site. *shh!* lol have fun in vegas! i havent been there in awhile. 🙂

  3. I’m totally lazy too at the moment. Like stupidly. But what are you going to do eh?

    Man, I love postcards! Shame I’m neither affy or hostee… and live on the wrong side of the Atlanic *doh*.

    I so wanna go to Vegas – you lucky shiny thing!

  4. I haven’t read “Perks of Being a Wallflower” but I did skim through an essay someone wrote about how it changed their life, so I assume it could be a good read. And you just inspired me to listen to the new Kelly Clarkson album. I fail at writing music so I might as well listen to it, right?

  5. I like the header for the portfolio site but I do feel it is lacking something. Wow! Congrats on the new apartment. I can’t wait to move out and buy some new stuff. It will be so exciting. I will be a real grown up then haha.

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