fruity snacks are teh yumz

I have off tomorrow for the 4th of July! I thought I would only have the 4th off, but my mom wanted to take off tomorrow, so I asked my boss and she was alright with it. haha. I love sleeping in. Especially cause I couldn’t fall asleep last night till past 3:30 for some reason. I was all like…distressed and preoccupied. :-/ I don’t know. bah. haha. I might stay up later tonight to work on a new layout for either this blog, my portfolio or both. Most likely this blog though because it will be easier than the portfolio. I also have to figure out how I can switch my melaniegebhardt.com domain to i-art-you.org…or com…or net. I haven’t decided.

Work today was actually pretty busy for once. The minute I stepped in she had me doing stuff…didn’t even get to check my email till like 1130. haha. But luckily I worked for most of the day so it’ll at least make up a little for missing tomorrow. My boss eats like a bird…her “lunch” was seriously like two sprigs of broccoli and two pieces of celery in a plastic bag with one of those mini bottles of water. LOL. I should probably do that instead of eating like cheeseburgers and pizzas and stuff. haha. Starting to get out of shape =/ bleh

Here are some new pictures of me I took last night. haha

n8212015_33580637_7759.jpg n8212015_33580638_8013.jpg n8212015_33580639_8278.jpg n8212015_33580640_8539.jpg

Thats all I can think of for now 😛

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  1. I wish I was off two days, but I am only off on the 4th. I am on the late shift this week (11am-8pm), and I’d love to be as much as possible!!

  2. that stinks if you wouldn’t have gotten July 4th off. 😛 some people at my work didn’t, and I just kind of.. laughed in their faces. :o) but not really, because that’s mean.. 😛 but anywho, I eat the same way you do. I love eating, especially junk. I really have to change that as well. by the way, you’re pretty & I like your shirt. 😀

  3. Look at you looking all pretty and all! I love the pics.

    I hope you had a nice 4th of July….. mine was bleh, I couldn’t go and see fireworks, which is what I wanted to do :'(

  4. You could park the new domain in the same cpanel as your old one and then it would be the exact same content? All you’d really have to do then would be change any links that had your old domain’s urls and put some message saying that the domain switched.

  5. Hope you had a good Forth of July.

    Your boss must really have a problem if she eats so little. I would never be able to live on just broccoli and celery. I love cheeseburgers and pizza too much.

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