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in charlotte

So I’m in Charlotte this week with Shawn. Its pretty nice. LOTS of restaurants though and basically no stores (at least in the Center City area). They must really love their food haha. I only brought one pair of jeans and they ended up ripping the first day (yay for luck.) so I wanted to find a new pair but alas…no shops. Theres a mall thats like a half hour bus ride from the city so we might head up there tmrw.

Shawn’s apartment is really nice. The kitchen is huge and amazing and pretty high tech. I ended up freezing the chip dip because I didn’t realize the left side was supposed to be the freezer and the right side the fridge. These new-fangled fridges! The bathroom is also pretty large and theres a nice walk in closet. The apt itself is located literally at the train station, which would be okay cause the train itself is very quiet (its almost like a monorail…not like the loud clunky SEPTA trains) but for some reason they like to randomly ring bells and horns and stuff at 2 in the morning which is kind of annoying haha Also, the blinds in the bedroom are broken so its really bright =/

Somehow one of our bags ended up not making it from our connection in Detroit to here, so we had to have it delivered on Saturday night. All it had in it was an airbed though so it was alright. When we got the air bed however, we realized it was leaking or something cause when we woke up it was deflated haha so we’re gonna use the one that Shawn’s friend gave him.

Not much else to report. Shawn’s first day of work was today and he won’t get out till like 5:30 so I have no idea what to do. I’m not sure if he left me an apt key so I can’t really venture anywhere. Guess I’ll have to think of stuff to do online all day (on the very poor internet connection that I’m stealing from the bar across the street :p )

I start my new job next Monday…kinda nervous…should be fine though. I’ve decided not to move out of my apt in Philly till the lease ends (which is June)…feel free to visit for I shall be lonely =( haha

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  1. That’s great that your guys apartment is so awesome. That always makes things much better. I loved my last apartment. Actually, I think I’ve grown to love my current one too. I’m not looking forward to moving again in a few months.

  2. The apartment sounds nice! 🙂 Big kitchens and big bathrooms are both amazing! I’m sure you’d get used to those bells at 2 am in the morning eventually… but that must be really annoying!

  3. Yea ! apartment sounds nice. And its not stealing if theres no password… I use my neighbors and they are oblivious.

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