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Influenster Holiday Vox Box!

I’m super excited to post about my very first Vox Box that I got in the mail yesterday! A Vox Box is a box of products (can be beauty-related, food, or anything really) that is from a website called And its completely free! The program reminds me a lot of BzzAgent actually…where you can qualify for products (or in this case, themed boxes) based on the information you provide for them. You don’t need to be signed up for a long time to qualify for a box…this is my first box and I only happened upon this website a couple months ago. You can earn different badges (similar to BzzAgent, where you can earn statuses) by tweeting, facebooking, and reviewing products which can increase your chances of qualifying for a vox box. The main difference between this program and BzzAgent is that you get multiple products (which are usually a surprise) instead of just one product or brand.

Anyway…on to my first box, which is the Holiday Vox Box! Here are the products I received:

  • imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails – I was so sad when I saw the color of these…bright pink zebra stripe! What is with me getting all the crazy colors when I can’t wear them? haha. I also got a $1 off coupon…so I may go to the store and pick up one of these in a more neutral color so that I’m able to review it, because I really would like to try these! They’re press-on nails, which kind of remind me of those things I used to wear when I was 12…but hopefully they’re better quality.
  • Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar Soap – I’ve used the bodywash version of this, which is my boyfriend’s favorite actually. Looking forward to trying out the bar soap version. Hopefully its moisturizing and not too drying since its in a bar form. It contains crushed coconut extract and gently exfoliates!
  • Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask – I was super excited when I saw this! I have been wanting to try out these fun looking peel-off face masks for a long time. The one I got was “Juiced Cucumber”. This is the only product I believe that was a trial size as opposed to a full size (with the exception of the Larabar). Definitely trying it out tonight!
  • New York Color Liquid Lip Shine – The color I received in this lip gloss was #582 Nude York City. The color is really beautiful in the tube, and I’m thankful I didn’t get some crazy hot pink or something!
  • Mentos Pure Fresh Gum – I like this gum! I should keep this kind of gum in my purse instead of the usual paper packaged ones because the plastic packaging won’t get ruined. I also really like crunching into the gum…and the flavor is super minty. Unfortunately, the mintyness doesn’t last very long…but its okay. I’ve never had gum where the flavor lasts that long anyway.
  • Larabar – This isn’t pictured above because I ate it right after I opened the box (shut up I was so hungry! haha). It was okay. The flavor I got was Apple Pie. It reminded me of any other health food type bar I’ve had. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy these, but it was a nice treat to have.

There were 3 other products that I could have received if i had qualified, but unfortunately I didn’t qualify for any of them. What sucks is that they were all beauty-related products (acne treatment, lash primer, and perfume) =p Oh well…hopefully I’ll get stuff like that in the future!

Overall I’m loving Influenster and can’t wait to post full reviews on the products from my Holiday Vox Box! I won’t be posting full reviews on the food products, but I will on everything else. The first will be either the lip gloss or the face mask…so if you’re interested in either of those products then stay tuned for my reviews!


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  1. You have such a pretty blog! I just got my influenster box not too long ago, so far I really like all the products! By the way I found your blog on Monday’s Beauties Blog Hop, and I am now a new follower!

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