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June Birchbox Product Reviews

Here are mini reviews of the products I received in my June Birchbox:

  • Comodynes Self Tanning Towels These were given away in a trade so I can’t review them…hopefully the person I gave them to likes them!
  • Beauty Blender Cleanser I have this cleanser in a larger size, so I used that one. The smell of it is amazing! Very strong lavender. It cleans my beauty blender really well, but I didn’t find it to work as well on my makeup brushes. It would probably be fine if your brushes aren’t that dirty (like a blush brush or eyeshadow brush) but for cream foundation it doesn’t cut it.
  • N4 Super Comb Prep and Protect Spray This is a nice leave-in spray! I did notice that my hair was a little less frizzy and my waves were more defined after using this. Not sure if it was this product or something else, but its the only product I used that was different so its possible. Oh and it smells like chocolate!
  • theBalm Stainiac (lip/cheek stain) I really like this cheek stain! I don’t use it as a lip stain, but for cheeks it leaves you with a very natural, light amount of color. It would probably be too light for someone who likes very pigmented blushes, but for me its perfect. Very easy to use too! I put it on my fingers, first, before applying it to my cheeks.
  • John Varvatos USA cologne I gave this to my boyfriend, but I really love the scent. It smells a bit like Polo Black I think, which he also has. Would have given this 4 stars if it had a spray top.
  • Tili baggie : Not much to say about this plastic bag…its cute, I guess, but I would rather one side be clear so that it can be used for toiletries in an airport. Why they say that it can be used for that purpose, I’m not sure, since the TSA states that bags must be clear.

Box Average Rating: 3.2 stars

Definitely not a bad box, and I like it more than last month’s. I am a little ticked off that I got the “cheapest” of the boxes, though. So many people got full sized products like the Stila bronzer (worth $36) or the eyeko liner. I probably wouldn’t have even wanted the bronzer, but I don’t think its completely fair that some boxes are worth $50+ and others (like mine) are worth $16. I’m sure its difficult to keep them balanced, but c’mon…they couldn’t at least try to close that huge gap a bit?

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  1. I got the eyeko liner, haven’t used it yet except on my forearm to see how it went on… it went on pretty smoothly, it’s just a weird product… almost too fat to be a decent eyeliner but way way way too dark for me to use as shadow. I got a dark grey color. LOVING the cheek/lip stain. I actually never use blush because then I feel like I’m TOO made up, but it’s sheer enough that I’ve been using it like crazy. Got the tanning towels, probably won’t use them, and the cologne sample and the dumb baggie which was ugly and I can’t use for anything HA. Not a bad box, but not a great one.

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