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Just Not Much Going On…

I don’t really have much to report on from this past week…its been pretty dull to be honest!

I went to Target on Saturday and we picked up a new George Foreman grill because our old one was all scratched up and stuff. That was pretty much the only time I went out this weekend haha. On Sunday, Shawn’s family came over for a little bit but I only went out to get groceries. It was so rainy and gross anyway (Saturday night especially and all Sunday). This week’s photo of my tomato/basil plant progress is on the left. I watered it yesterday and I feel like the water knocked over the little plant. Is that a bad thing, or does it perk back up once the sun comes out again? Maybe I should water it using a cup and pour water around the plants instead of a watering can over it. Hmm.

In reference to my previous post (April 19th) about the image uploading issue, all seems to be well again and I’m able to upload images no problem. I never alerted my host to it or did anything to try and fix it, so they must have just changed something on their end.

So I’m totally in love with this skirt here from GAP. I pretty much never buy anything from GAP, but I’m still subscribed to their emails for some reason and I happened to open one and that skirt was featured. I want it so bad, and they’re having 30% off today only, but they’re all sold out of my size in petites! Just my luck. I’m a little wary of getting the regular since these maxi skirt styles are always swimming on me in length, which is why I don’t own any but I’ve been lusting after maxi dresses/skirts for like 2 years haha. #shortpeopleproblems

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