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lattes are the new birthday cake

Sorry for not updating much…lotsss going on. Like I’m looking at my calendar, and I have something on for every day next week. Usually its like empty haha.

Things have been pretty good. Kind of stressed though. I have so many papers due next week…but a lot of awesome things are happening next week too so…it’s bittersweet. After this month, things should hopefully be a little bit easier. I’m looking forward to the summer. I will hopefully have an internship, and working at my current job a couple days of the week. My friend will actually be working with me for the second half of the summer so that’ll be cool.

My birthday was pretty fun. My boyfriend and some of my friends went to Applebee’s. Yes, I ordered a drink of course. haha. Just one though…I mean it was like 6 bucks so I didn’t want another one. lol. I’m going home this weekend to celebrate with my family. =) Shawn and my parents got me gift certificates to Starbucks! wooo coffee!

Can’t think of anything else at the moment…have a good night!