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you’ve got a dark heart

At the Tech Center…kind of bored. I actually don’t have anything to work on for the moment. I’m waiting for Shawn to be done a project meeting.

One of the audio editing projects that I had due Friday was pushed back to next Friday which makes me so happy cause I was worried about getting it done it time.

We have a group project in Advertising and apparently I’m the group leader o_O. I don’t know how I always end up with leadership roles (i.e marching band). haha

I’m going home for a day this weekend to get my new driver’s license and picture. =) I’ll have to make sure to look good for this one cause I wasn’t really prepared for the last one. haha. I’m thinking about having a birthday dinner with Shawn and some close friends next Friday. Not quite sure of the plans yet though.

I don’t have much else to blog about…I’m going to try and visit everyone’s blogs tonight since I haven’t in awhile. There is one hostee spot available if anyone is interested in it. (please note though that ftp knowledge and coding knowledge are required)

Yeea…thats about it. Have a good April Fool’s Day! hahaha. I’m not very good at thinking of April Fool’s jokes so I’d rather not even try to.

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