Daily Life

List of Random, Unrelated Things Going on in my Life

Hello all! Can’t believe its April already…but I feel like I say that every month. It sure doesn’t feel like Spring, though. Very chilly out today. Honestly I don’t mind too much considering I’m dreading summer (uck! heat!), but it would be nice to have some Spring weather soon.

Cruise: So we finally booked a cruise for vacation! Super excited about that. Its far off though (late October) but hopefully the time will go by quickly (another reason I would like to skip over the whole Summer thing, please). The cruise ship leaves from New York and stops at Orlando, FL for a day (hello, Disney World!) and then spends a couple days at the Bahamas. The rest of the time is spent at sea (4 days I think). The ship is brand new and has some nice amenities and entertainment options so hopefully it’ll be fun 🙂

Birthday: My birthday is next week…but eh. I don’t want to be 26 already, but I guess that’s the way it is. Not quite sure what I’m doing for it. I’m trying to get some friends together on the 13th but I have a feeling that’ll fall through…I would be happy if like at least a couple people made it, though =p.

Doctor: I have a doctor’s appointment today with a new doctor I found in the area. I can’t even remember the last time I went to the doctor, let alone had a physical/well visit. Hopefully I like the doctor. Not completely sure about their office staff, though. I originally had an appointment scheduled for February (which I scheduled in December) but when I called to confirm the week of, they had me down for a completely different date, time, and doctor, which would have been fine but the time they had me for was 2 in the afternoon and I kind of have a job. So I had to reschedule for April. I’m hoping that was just a one-off miscommunication though and not the norm.

Office: We’re moving our office from one floor to another at the end of the week, so it’ll probably be a bit chaotic for a couple days and especially next week. But I’m looking forward to seeing what my new work area will look like. Not that I don’t like the setup I have now, but I’m hoping its at a little more…enclosed I guess lol.

TV Shows: Some of my fav shows premiered this week. Game of Thrones was awesome. I don’t get HBO (not even cable), so I streamed it off a website of…questionable legality. haha. I was home for Easter so luckily I was able to watch the Dr. Who premiere since they get BBC America. A lot of people loved the ep but I don’t know. Love the characters and their interactions, but I feel like the actual plot was pretty weak and not that interesting. It wasn’t even a bad ep, but the plot seemed more suited for one of the mid-season filler episodes, not like a premiere. I caught up on The Walking Dead finale last night. booo sadness.

Codagogy: I’ve been taking a few courses with Codagogy recently. Just finished up a CSS:Layouts/Positioning course which was super helpful in a few areas I was clueless with. Also just started a new course in SEO. Unlike the other 3 courses I’ve taken with them (HTML and CSS), I have like barely any knowledge of anything related to SEO, so hopefully I learn a thing or two 🙂 If anyone out there is interested in taking some courses with them (I’d highly recommend it if you’re interested in web design or development!), here is my referral link which will give you half off the first course.

I think that’s all the random pieces of my life right now…maybe I’ll actually remember to post more often (haha no). I am working on a new design for this blog, though…if I can ever decide on a color scheme.