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lony bear cow goes moo moo moo

Bored at work as usual =P Could be worse though…I could actually have stuff to do O_O

I started my internship yesterday, and I didn’t miss the bus stop! woo! haha. I’ll just have to remember to pay attention when approaching the stop and to tell the bus driver to stop (I don’t like those stupid bell things, especially when the bus is like zooming past everything anyhow). Luckily theres a bus that comes at 5:14 to go back so that works out nicely as well.

Looks like I’ll have all A’s (and 1 A- >.<) for the semester =) Apparently my internship class is actually a class haha. I wasn’t really expecting it to be like that, even though it is for a credit. We have to like turn in papers and stuff and have an assigned book to read and 3 class meetings. lameee.

It was my friend’s 21st birthday yesterday so we all went out to celebrate which was fun. Got back later than I wanted to though and didn’t get much sleep =/ lol. Another friend of mine will be starting at Temple in the Fall so thats awesome too! Annnnd only about a month till I get to move into my new apt. Can’t wait.

I really don’t feel like doing Marching Band next semester hahaha. O well one more year. I’m not doing Leadership though cause I don’t feel like dealing with it considering that my level of caring about Marching Band goes down each semester =P

I need to make a new layout for this site. I have free time tonight and tomorrow night so perhaps I’ll work on that. Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “lony bear cow goes moo moo moo”

  1. Lol, after a party, you never get much sleep 😉 You sorta still have that hype in you. Either that, or you crash =)
    Woah, congrats for all the A’s! You’ve done really well!
    This layout is so cool, I’m sure your next one will be too

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