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& love is a riddle

Thanksgiving break is so close I can smell it. Well not really…but I wish I could haha. I’m skipping my last class tomorrow and my class on Wednesday to go home (aren’t I such a good student?). In my defense, Temple is lame and should give us more than two days of break every three months. Plus I somehow got a 6 page paper done today. O_o. We’re hosting four foreign students from China over on Thanksgiving. They have never celebrated Thanksgiving, so it should be an interesting event.

I’ve been downloading quite a bit of music as of late. I managed to get a few of the “leaked” Britney Spears tracks. I like quite a few. Theres a nice ballad called “Out From Under” which is good. My favorite is the title track, “Circus”, and also “Rock Me In”. Her new songs kind of sound like her older songs from back in the day. Apparently its because she worked with her older producers from back then.

I also discovered a singer named Lenka. She reminds me of a cross between Regina Spektor and Sara Bareillies which is awesome haha. One of my favorite songs by her is called “Knock Knock”…listen to it below!

Lenka- Knock Knock: [audio:http://www.adorability.org/music/blog/lenka_knockknock.mp3]

The football game was on Saturday. I was freezing my ass off. But Shawn came so that made me happy! Its the first game he’s been to haha. They recognized the seniors and stuff, and we did our show. People really liked our Thriller dance =P lols. Its so nice to be in a band that the crowd actually likes and cheers for…I can’t say I’ve ever had that experience in high school or even the first three years of college haha.

O yea, I’ve added a music player over here if you would like an easier way to listen to my crap music. haha.

Well I need to peace out cause Heroes is on. I love me some Heroes =)

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  1. Hey Melanie! Long time, no talk (;
    Haha, I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia.
    I heard of Lenka before because of her song, “The Show” and yeah, she does remind me of Sara Bareilles and Regina Specktor a bit. Her songs are quite quirky. xD

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