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I’m testing out WordPress/Livejournal crossposting, so here goes.

Brr its so cold in the office, I’m tempted to put my gloves on.

Only 2 more days of this semester!! two! =) The only thing I have left to do is a group project for my Multimedia class. We were working on it last Thursday, and the stupid TECH Center computers kept randomly shutting of without warning in the middle of stuff. I had to move to three different computers, and basically redo what I had done at the first one cause I didn’t save it. We should be finishing it up tonight so hopefully the computers will behave. Stupid technology.

I’m really looking forward to break. I kind of wish our apartment had more (or any) Christmas decorations cause I don’t really feel in the spirit yet haha.

I’m kinda nervous about next semester. I don’t want to graduate yet! haha

O yea, new hostee at Adorability! Her name is Justine and her site is awesome so check it out! I still have 2 hosting spots available if anyone is interested.

Well my hands are so cold I don’t feel like typing anymore so adios!

3 thoughts on “*bored*”

  1. Graduation is scary and exciting all at the same time. It’s awesome… because you finally get to go out and get a real job and junk.

    You HAVE to get Christmas lights up! That’s what sets off my holiday spirit. It’s totally worth it. Just buy 1 strand of lights per window… even that will make your place seem that much more Christmas-y. 🙂

  2. I hate it when computers just close for no reason. But maybe that will teach you to save often? That was something they always said to us in my computer class. Save a lot.

    Yeah, graduation is scary. I am graduating in May also. I’m scared to be done. But I think I will be ready. I wasn’t a month ago, but now I think I am. I just hope I can find a job when this is all finished.

  3. Well their PCs are most definitely lame. Maybe you can pick up some more decorations. Lights or a mini-Christmas tree. I wish I was in school period. I guess graduation is a scary thing but it’s the beginning of something new and that’s always nice. :]

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