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May Birchbox: “Gossip Girl”

I was really excited about this Birchbox, because the last time they teamed up with someone (Teen Vogue), the box was one of the best! Unfortunately I missed out on that one (which was in March when I was unsubscribed) so I was hoping to get a good box for the Gossip Girl one. Sadly, the box wasn’t that great for me personally, but it was a good box overall if you actually like the products in it (and if all the products were full).

  • Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+ I was really excited to try this product, but guess what? I can’t because the tube is completely empty, as are the tubes of most of the people who received this sample (either empty or barely full). I haven’t received a response to the email that I sent and, as far as I know, they haven’t addressed this issue at all through Facebook or Twitter or by an email. You’d think with the amount of empty samples that are popping up, they would at least acknowledge the problem since there are many unhappy subscribers complaining. Wtf Birchbox?
    ETA: I just received a response from Birchbox that they are sending me a new sample of the BB Cream, which is good! Hopefully it won’t be empty.

  • Kérastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide I’m looking forward to trying this product, although the sample size is pretty small. Kérastase is one of those really pricey (and very hyped up) brands and I’m not really sure if its worth the price tag, so this is a good way to try out some products first!
  • Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in “curacao” This was the obvious star product of the box! Unfortunately, its sparkly electric blue which, uh, isn’t something I wear. Luckily I should be trading this with another Birchbox subscriber for the LipFushion balm, which some people received in their boxes. That is also a full size product and is definitely more my style. You’d think since these boxes are “personalized” they’d be tailored to your style (for me, neutral) but I guess not! Its still awesome that there was a full size liner in here…and luckily someone who really wants it will end up having it.
  • Color Club Foil Collection in “Disco Nap” Similar to the Stila in that if this was a neutral color I would love it, but I have little use for a glittery gold polish. If it was a little less opaque I could use it for a sheer accent nail type thing, but its very opaque so still too much for me. I’m open to trading it if anyone else would want this and received (or has) a less crazy color!
  • Kérastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal – Fine This is one of two foil-sized Kerastase samples. Looking forward to trying this out this shampoo since I do have fine hair.
  • Kérastase Lait Cristal Conditioner Same as above…another foil sample that I’m looking forward to trying.
  • Notecard (EXTRA) I don’t even think I should list this as a “product”. Thanks for the thin piece of paper that I could have printed off my computer?

So yea…is this a bad box? It is for me, but I would consider it a pretty good box generally speaking considering it contained a full-size Stila liner and nail polish. If this box had a brown pencil liner (like a Stila smudgestick), a neutral polish, and a Dr. Jart sample that actually had product in it then it would be amazing for me! But unfortunately I really can’t use most of the products in here save for the Kerastase. I’ve been looking at some of the other boxes and it looks like some people really got jipped by not receiving the Stila or any other good product. They sent out Beauty Blender cleansers to people who didn’t even receive the beauty blender in a previous box. What are they supposed to do with that? Yes, they can use it as a brush cleaner but that’s not really what it was made for and its probably confusing to receive that if you don’t know what a beauty blender is. I saw a comment on Facebook where a lady was asking if she is supposed use to use it to cleanse her face! 😕 Talk about confused.

What did you receive in your Birchboxes? Were you happy with the products this month?

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  1. I was pretty disappointed in my box this month too, I can’t believe you got that tube empty, seriously not cool! Too bad you don’t like the color of the Stila eyeliner, I got the LipFusion but it’s too drying for my lips.

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