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Mid May Monday Morning

Oh Monday…you keep coming back. I’m in one of those “I don’t want to do anything except go home and do fun things” moods. X(

I got my hair cut on Friday…thank goodness because it was ridiculously long and unmanageable. I also found out the salon I go to (Bubbles) is closing down 🙁 I will have to find somewhere else to go. I’m thinking of the Ulta that’s near me since their prices are similar.

I was actually in the city twice this weekend. I did the Race for the Cure on Sunday with my dad so I had to pick up a t-shirt the day before at the Sheraton. We had lunch at Subway with Shawn and then he took the train back to his parent’s house. On Mother’s Day, we went into the city (very early) for the race. Check out my Instagram for a couple pictures! The weather was nice…not too hot, and actually a little chilly since it was early. The walk was long (5k) but it didn’t feel too bad…if I do it next year I may attempt the run, who knows.

Did anyone watch the Once Upon A Time finale last night? Gotta love the cliffhangers…though I’m wondering how they’re going to continue the next season since the premise of the show (i.e fantasy land vs modern world) is sort of over…ish? Still curious though! I’m also halfway through the first season of Game of Thrones (I know…its the second season now but I don’t have HBO!). I’m also almost halfway through the second book, Clash of Kings, which must be shorter in size than the first one because its definitely taking me less time. I have a Kindle, so I’m never really sure how thick books are.

O yea, I brought back a guitar from my house yesterday. I didn’t know we had one…hopefully I can make use of it! I had learned a few chords way back when but don’t remember them at all now. Will keep you updated on any progress I make 🙂

Speaking of progress, I forgot to take a pic of the tomato/basil progress for this week (which would be week 7), but I feel like its not doing too well. The tomato plant has drooped over and won’t stand upright anymore. Should I like…put something around it so that it stands up, or is it something that it will do on its own with more sun? And the basil still doesn’t seem like its growing much, although I’m sure it is. I’ll try to take a picture tonight. Maybe its time that I put them outside since its getting warmer…they might get more sun that way.

I have no idea what this week’s recipe will be. Definitely not something new since I haven’t planned for anything new. Will probably be something I make all the time. If I don’t try anything new I’m going to run out of things to post here soon! :p

3 thoughts on “Mid May Monday Morning”

  1. That sucks that your hair place is shutting down. I need to get my hair cut again soon I think. It grows so fast! But I hate how much it costs to get my hair cut. If they actually did a good job I wouldn’t feel so bad spending $40 to get a little bit of hair cut off.

  2. I can relate on the salon front, i went to bubbles one time & when i called back ( yes it was like 2 years later) my stylist was gone. Hey whatta ya know.. lol

  3. I hate hair salons. In my small town the hair dresses could care less on how your hair comes out. I hate cutting my hair because I’m always worried by how awful it will turn out. I’m desperately in need of a hair cut but I think I’m holding out until it gets really unbearable. Not smart I know. -.-Oh and I watched the finale of Once Upon a Time as well. And I have to agree with you. I have no clue how they are going to start off the second season. But I’m excited to see how they do.

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