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Soo…I didn’t get to move into my new apartment yesterday >.< but hopefully I’ll be moved in by late afternoon today.

What happened was…the guys that lived in our apartment before were crazy party frat boys who basically left the place in shambles. There were holes in the walls and the paint was all uneven and the doors had holes in them and there were smudges everywhere and the rugs had gum and stains on them etc. And of course they didn’t move out until the morning we moved in…so there was no time to fix it up yesterday so we could move that day. So all our stuff is in the basement now. My bed was still delivered though and put together as was my desk. At the last minute the owner had the idea (why he didn’t think of it earlier I don’t know) to move us into the room across the hall, which was a lot nicer…and give the beat up room to the people that were supposed to be there instead…since they weren’t gonna move in till late August so they had plenty of time to fix it up for them. Soo yea…thats whats happening pretty much. They said the room will be ready by 3 today. lols.

Work is so boring T-T…I don’t have anything to doooo.

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  1. that sucks about not moving in 🙁 lol i got your link to comment for despair.nu! lol what a cowinkiedink! lol well i hope you get to move in soon! 😉

  2. Awww that’s sooo messed up! You were so excited about moving in and all, but hey at least you got a nicer apartment instead! You didn’t have to fix nothing and you only have to wait 3 days, not bad at all.

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