my nail polish matches my umbrella!

EDIT// new layout is up!! Let me know what you think of it =)

Thanks for the comments everyone =) I have good news! I’ve made a newwww layout and I’m going to start working on putting it up right when I get home!

I stayed at Shawn’s at Temple this weekend. We walked around on Saturday and went to the Gallery and stuff. Sunday I had time to catch up on the book I’m reading (“Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris) and I’m almost finished…I’d suggest reading it, very funny =P

Work today was ugghboringface. I wanted to leave the second I stepped in the office. hahaha.

Its raining outside but for some reason I didn’t mind too much. Kinda feel like splashing in puddles =P

despair.nu has been giving me trouble lately. I got three emails this morning saying my account was suspended/deactivated because I didn’t comment on an assigned blog, when I did. Apparently there was a mistake. But I can’t log in to reactivate it cause I can’t access the site. >.< Anyone else having problems? lol

2 more days till I move in the apt! =)

11 thoughts on “my nail polish matches my umbrella!”

  1. Hey! I love this layout! When I first saw it I wondered why on earth you used green and red and pink, but as I’ve bene sitting here looking at it, it’s grown on me, lol! 😛

  2. its green? o_O its supposed to be yellow! ahhhhh! This stupid computer and its way of making colors look too light! haha o well

  3. I had that problem with Despair, but I was able to login and take myself off the suspension. Good luck getting off.

  4. the layout is cute! i have no clue what despair.nu is lol ill check it out tho. congrats on moving soon too! i will also add you to affies on my site right now…

  5. Hey Melanie, I like your new design too! Initially the color scheme came as a real shock to my eyes, but the gray offsets it really well. Great job, and I’m glad you like my design too! I’ve taken it down though, because it REALLY needs a lot of work. I was surprised you were even able to comment. My guess is that you’re an IE user. I haven’t joined Despair (and I haven’t decided yet if I want to) but I hope your issue is resolved soon. Oh yeah, and did you ever get around to reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

  6. Your layout is absolutely adorable. =o
    Sorry, I’m not much help on Despair… I haven’t had that problem yet. =/ I hope it works out for you though!

  7. Hey tah for the comment
    Loving the new layout. Love the bring colors.
    Splashing in puddles is the shizz haha im a big kid lol
    So i totally understand 🙂
    Take acre x

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