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Most Stressful Morning Ever

These past 2 days have been ridiculously terrible.

Yes, more involving my cat (I honestly wish I could talk about other things…trust me! lol). We ended up bringing him into the vet again on Friday evening because his eye wasn’t improving (and actually getting slightly worse) after 2 weeks on the antibiotic drops. The Dr. prescribed a different antibiotic ointment. I used that Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday night. On Sunday morning I went into the kitchen to get his food and he looked up at me and I almost had a heart attack. His poor eye was completely swollen and red to the point where the swelling was covering nearly half his eyeball. I started to panic and called my dad asking if I can get a ride to the ER. He wouldn’t be free until 1PM, so I waited. While I was waiting I took another look at his eye. It wasn’t as terrifying as it had looked in the morning, so I ended up deciding to hold off on an ER visit which would have been more expensive than a regular vet visit and have much longer of a wait. He wasn’t acting lethargic or not eating, so it probably wasn’t an emergency situation. I did end up crying for most of the day though because I was so stressed out.

I called the vet again right when they opened this morning at 8AM and luckily was able to get an appointment with the Dr at 9. This time Shawn couldn’t come with me because he had to go into the office (I ended up calling in late) so I had to take him myself. He refused to get into the carrier (was okay with Shawn on Friday of course, but not me!), so I ended up having to stuff him in upside down with the door facing up so that was fun. Then I had to carry him for the half a mile walk, which was honestly the worst part of all this because he is HEAVY (close to 13 lbs, plus the weight of the carrier itself). By the time I got there I felt like I was going to die and my arms were about to fall off. While I was waiting, a sweet little Siamese kitty named Archie that lives at the office came and sat on my lap for some cuddles. You have no idea how much better that little guy made me feel haha. I’ve read that Siamese cats are very like intuitive with people and emotions and stuff. He was a cutie.

So the Dr. ended up saying that he’s clearly not reacting well to the topical antibiotics, so we’re doing away with those and starting on an oral antibiotic. If that doesn’t help in 48 hours, I have to pick up an oral antiviral med that is probably ridiculously expensive, but at this point I’m out so much money that whatever…can’t give up now. This infection is being stubborn. The walk back was more awful than the walk there because my arms were already completely aching and tired out and on top of that, it was raining. I had to stop a couple times to get my bearings, and I’ve been taking Advil for my ridiculously achy arm. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped working out so my arms would be a bit stronger? lol.

I’m hoping that this morning is the LAST time I have to take him in. If the antiviral doesn’t work, I don’t even know what options there are besides just letting it go away on its own. The Dr. did mention an antiviral eye drop but she said that tends to sting the eye so I really don’t know about that. If this continues I’ll have to ask for a referral to an ophthalmologist at UPenn but I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. My poor baby =(

Want to send a huge thank you to everyone who’s been ordering graphics or other things though Adorability Designs lately! It means a lot to me, and you’re helping me finance my kitty’s medical bills so…you rock <3

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  1. Oh I’m sorry about all your kitty woes :(. I really hope he’ll get better soon! I remember one of my kitties getting an eye injury…all of a sudden her eye was all greyish and big as a pingpong ball..I also nearly had a heart attack! She recovered quickly on Chloromycetin gel.

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