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I Heart Fall!

…I am so happy to be feeling the Fall weather this morning. Although its supposed to get hot again this week. UCK.

Update on the kitty: So his eye has definitely improved a bit more since I last posted. However, its going on day 11 of using the antibiotic drops, and it still isn’t cleared yet so I called the vet this morning. She said I can either continue with the drops a few more days and see how it goes, or I can set up an appointment to bring him in again. It sounds like I can’t get any additional medication without bringing him in. ugh! I chose to wait a few more days, so I’m crossing my fingers it clears up but I’m guessing it won’t. He seems fine otherwise, except for the whole scratching himself thing. I found a couple scabs on him the other day. I’m going to be picking up new food to start a food allergy elimination diet because I honestly don’t know what else it could be. Unless its like seasonal allergies or something? Do cats even get that? lol. If its NOT food I’m going to have a hell of a time trying to figure out whats up, so I almost wish he had a food allergy. Feel so bad because I know the poor thing is probably so itchy.

I feel like I kind of wasted this weekend not really doing much…which I guess is kind of like every weekend haha. We did end up going to brunch yesterday morning which was nice. They put up a brand new apartment building next to our Whole Foods where we buy groceries and there’s a mini-Petco store in there which is awesome. I wish we could live in that building…would be crazy convenient. The rent is ridiculous though (for obvious reasons).

Shawn finally applied for his passport last week so we’re hoping we get it before the week of the cruise because, for some reason, they kept his birth certificate.

Oh and the bathrooms are down in our office building so my coworker and I had to walk over to another building, and I’m going to try not to drink much water for the rest of the day. Yay obvious code violations!

5 thoughts on “I Heart Fall!”

  1. If he has scabs he needs medication for that, it won’t go away on its own. Here they always give cats a shot for scabs. I followed you on Instagram, I’m the one with the weird name (it’s in Irish), always love some kitty photos :).

    1. hmm…when I was at the vet last week, the Dr. said that she did notice a couple scabs while combing him. She didn’t seem too concerned (aside from giving the flea meds, that was pretty much it). I’ll have to bring it up to her again…since I’m sure I’ll probably be going back to the vet this week unfortunately.

      oh cool I’ll have to follow you!

      1. Actually, I was wrong :). I googled it and found that what I was thinking of is mange in English, not scabs. The Swedish word for mange is skabb, so I just assumed that was scabs… so then it may disappear after all. Sorry about the confusion!

  2. I waste a lot of my weekends. It’s kind of annoying haha. I hope your bf gets his passport soon! I just got mine renewed and it didn’t take too long. I don’t know how the US passport office differs from Canada though.

    I loved when I lived next to the grocery store. I had one at the bottom of my street and one at the top of my street. It was awesome. I would check the flyers for deals and go to each one for the sales haha.

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