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my life lately…

Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything…sorry about that!

For labor day weekend I went to Ocean City, MD with my parents and the boyfriend. I had a good time, except for the fact that it seemed way too short. I need like a week-long trip somewhere lol. O well.

I’ve been trying to make the most of my unemployed days. I’ve made a promise to myself to work out at least a little bit every day and to spend as less money as possible. I’ve also been reading, writing music, and cooking some new things.

I need to start working on some web-related stuff but I’m not really sure what to work on as far as this site goes. I think everything is looking pretty good so far. The Beauty page does need some more new content I guess. I’ve been working on reviews of the 11 different mascaras I won but stopped writing the reviews after like the 7th or so…I should get back to that and post it haha.

I might try and sell a few things I don’t need on Ebay…but the problem I have with Ebay is that you need to pay a fee to make a listings, and whatever I’m selling usually doesn’t sell anyway so it actually costs me money haha At least with half.com its free.

Anyway I’m off…promise I’ll be around more!

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  1. I hate being unemployed. I feel like I am right now. I have a part time job but there are no hours this month. I was hoping to find some teaching sub positions but haven’t been having any luck. I should be taking advantage of this down time like you are but I’ve just been acting so lazy. I mostly just play computer games or watch movies lol.

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