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the past month

I guess I’ve gotten in the habit of posting once every month? Well, alright then.

Hmm…nothing new. Pretty much the same. Luckily, I did make some form of income working at ULTA with my friend to help set up a new store. It was a lot of work but I ended up having fun =)

I had some crazy allergic reaction or something a couple nights ago. My eyelid started to get itchy so I just kind of rubbed it, not really paying much attention to it. Then about 30 minutes later at dinner, Shawn was like whats up with your eye? I immediately freak out cause anything thats messed up on my face scares me (remember when I had Bell’s Palsy? haha)…so I ran to the bathroom and my eyelid was all crazy puffed out, itchy, and red, so much that I couldn’t open my eye all the way. I started flipping out and looking up symptoms of every possible eye problem online. I discovered that I probably didn’t have pink eye, which was a relief. My dad suggested it was an allergic reaction, so I went to bed (after taking my allergy meds which I hadn’t taken in like 2 weeks) and in the morning it was basically gone. I guess it really was some sort of allergy. It left behind this scaly dry patch of skin on my eyelid, though. =(

This weekend I’m going to the Temple Homecoming Game to be in the alumni band! I’m very excited cause I haven’t seen the band perform yet this year (except on Youtube, which looked awesome). Its supposed to rain though 🙁 Hopefully it stays clear. I have the feeling I am going to feel very sad and nostalgic afterwards, moreso than I’ve already been the last 5 months since I’ve been graduated. Has it really been that long? FML.

O yea, yesterday I managed to, by accident, delete everything I had recorded on my keyboard. I don’t know how I could have done it (must have hit a button or two that I didn’t mean to) but all of a sudden it was like “memory cleared” and everything was gone. It was a rather large *headdesk* moment. Luckily, most of what was there were snippets of songs. But there were two full songs, one of which I’ll have to re-record and the other which is already recorded and online (“I Couldn’t”) but I really liked it and wanted to record my voice on it again. O well. I’ve written three new songs so far this summer (“Abandon Ship”, “Searchlight” and “Storybook Ending”). The last song is actually the only one that is 100% finished, and I did it in one day. haha. Usually, those are the ones that are the best. I’ll try and put them up at some point. Don’t know when though.

Oh, and apparently I’m going to Seattle for Christmas this year (have family there). I’ve never spent a Christmas away from home so it should be interesting.

New review up on the beauty page (another Lush one) if anyones interested. I’m outta here…cya in a month? haha.

2 thoughts on “the past month”

  1. I hate it when something is wrong with my face. I had something similar happen to my eyes in 2003. I think that was the beginning of my eczema. I remember there was at least one day where I didn’t go to school because I felt too ugly to leave the house. I hope that your eye was just an allergic reaction and it goes back to being completely normal again.

  2. That eye thing remind me of Hitch with his huge eye. Hopefully it wasn’t bad as all that.

    Hope you end up having a good time in Seattle- I love it there. Ikea is amazing


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