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My Weekend, Stress, and Traveling

Hello all…hope everyone had a nice weekend!

The bf and I went to see “Man With The Iron Fists” on Saturday. It was pretty good…kind of what you’d except from a Quentin Tarantino action flick. lol. I also made some yummy baked mac n’ cheese…I’ll be posting the recipe for it this week sometime!

I hope this week goes by fairly quickly (especially since next week is short with Thanksgiving). I feel like I’ve been feeling so anxious lately. Usually I have a reason for it but I feel like I’ve just been waking up with anxiety about the day. I almost wanted to call out sick today (though I would never actually do that unless I was sick)…but I honestly have no reason why really except for just wanting to stay home lol. Don’t we all I suppose. Maybe I’m just feeling anxious because I know I’ll be on my own in the office (as far as admins go) for the most part during December and I know that I’m going to run into situations where I’m not sure what to do…and I’m really not good at handling those situations without needless stressing. Though that doesn’t give me reason to feel all anxious now. Maybe I just need to do some yoga and take a nice, hot bubble bath.

I’ve also had this weird feeling lately about just wanting to go somewhere else for no real reason or purpose…just to be somewhere I haven’t been before. I have a couple friends on Facebook who seem to always be traveling and living in some new location all the time (I guess for either jobs, volunteer work, or just because). Its probably exhausting but it must be so awesome to live in so many new places. For some reason I’m longing to go somewhere colder (I’ll regret saying that in a few weeks when it’ll probably be freezing here!). The bf is always talking about wanting to go to a ski resort and stay at a lodge…maybe we can do that sometime this year, despite the fact that I will probably never ski haha.

I’m glad the move is coming up soon…I’m really excited about the condo, even though I feel like the actual “moving in” process is going to be pure chaos. The bf said that the mortgage is just about 100% approved (or will be this week) so that’s good! Looking forward to something new 🙂

I feel like I’ve been abandoning my beauty blog lately and I feel terrible about that! I need to get back on track and post some reviews and other things. My mind has just not been focused on it for some reason.

7 thoughts on “My Weekend, Stress, and Traveling”

  1. Sometimes you just have those days. I have been neglectful on both mof my blogs for the fact I just have been wanting to keep to myself & frankly the “mood” to blog wasnt there. Its cool. Im so excited for you too to be moving! congrats!

  2. Thanksgiving already?? I thought that was in the beginning of December. But I have a feeling I say that every year, lol…
    When are you moving? That must be so exciting!
    Sorry about the job issue.. I feel the same many times, that I dread situation where I don’t know what I should do. Not so much in the patient-related work as with other things. These days I relieve stress on the treadmill, actually!!

    1. @Susi I think it might be different in different countries? I’m not sure haha. Here in the US its next Thursday =p

      I’m moving in exactly a month from now! And speaking of treadmills, we’re looking to purchase one for the new place. I used to have one when I lived with my parents so I do miss it.

  3. I don’t think they celebrate Thanksgiving outside the US, actually. Other than Canada maybe?
    Santana, I highly recommend a treadmill!!

  4. I look forward to your recipe! I have a recipe that my mom gave me and I think I made it once but it didn’t turn out as good as when she made it. I will have to try it again.

    I get that travel bug now and then. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. I’m sure moving to the condo will fix that itch for a little while. But going to a ski resort sounds like a great idea too. So romantic, even if you don’t get out on the hill.

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