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new and shinyy

Hope you guys like the new layout. I spent all yesterday fiddling around with it. I was trying to get the stupid footer to be at the bottom of the whole page and tried using relative and static positioning but everything just kept getting all screwed up so I’m just leaving it this way for now. Maybe one day I will actually figure out how to not use absolute positioning haha.

Going shopping tomorrow for the apartment. Hopefully we get good deals on things cause theres a lot more stuff to get than I anticipated. I’ve also been looking through bus routes on how to best get to my internship. I might just take a bus to center city and hop on the other bus from there.

Have I mentioned I need a vacation? Cause I really want to go somewhere *lesigh*

4 thoughts on “new and shinyy”

  1. hi its Liz your old hostee. AWESOME SITE!! So awesome layout and i actually saw an awesome tut at smileyhelper.com about absolute positing.

  2. I love this layout! The color scheme is really fresh. I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy helping people with their sites. If you’d like for me to take a look at your code, I might be able to do that for you. It would be helpful to catch you online first, but we’ll see how it works out. I don’t think you’ll hop over to my site to read a reply to your comment, but you might want to consider getting a SEPTA Transpass to cover the cost of your daily tokens. If you do the math, it’s probably cheaper in the long run.

  3. I really do like the new layout. I think everything looks great. Have fun shopping for the apartment. I just got a new one for September but I can’t move in until Sept 1st I think. So until then, I don’t really know what things I need to buy lol. I will have to see what my roommate brings too I guess.

  4. I find the new layout really awesome! It’s that kind of thing nobody can really master. But you did it. I’ve tried to make those kind of layouts from the start but never a sucess. nice (:

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